Greetings, desert traveler. Do you require the services of Ali Morrisane's flying carpet fleet?519
There is a fare for this service you know - it's 200 gold per journey.213
The second major carpet hub station, to the south of Pollnivneach is in easy walking distance from there.127
From here you can travel to Uzer, to the Bedabin camp or to the North of Pollnivneach.120
From here you can travel to the Bedabin camp in the West or to the North of Pollnivneach.89
Yes, now that I think about it the price does seem a little steep. Very well, 100GP it is.72
The latest idea from the great Ali Morrisane. Desert travel will never be the same again.45
The carpet or the whole enterprise?45
The carpets here will take you to the south of Pollnivneach.41
I'll try help you as much as I can.32
From here you can travel to the Shantay Pass - the Southern gate of Al Kharid.31
There is a fare for this service you know - normally it's 200 gold per journey, but for you, I'll let you go for 100.30
I'm not really too sure, it's just an enchanted rug really, made out of special Ugthanki hair. It flies to whatever destination its owner commands.27
Do you think I'm mad? Do you think that Ali Morrisane would throw his magic carpet monopoly away?26
Not a hope. Could you imagine the mess there'd be if people were constantly zooming through Al Kharid and Pollnivneach? It would be chaos. This way, we can keep the carpet traffic outside towns and other busy places.26
Just think of the friction burns you would get if you were in a carpet crash.24
Fair enough, magic carpet travel isn't for everyone. Enjoy the walk.23
Come back anytime.21
What, you haven't heard of Ali M? Possibly the greatest salesman of the Kharidian empire if not all Gielinor?19
From here you can travel to Nardah and the Menaphite cities of Sophanem and Menaphos.16
From here you can travel to Nardah. The routes to Menaphos and Sophanem aren't running at the moment due to the strange goings on there.13
Ah, a world class haggler I see. Very well, 75GP it is.13
Well for one, the gates to both of the towns have been locked to those trying to enter and leave, so there really isn't any point in servicing them at the moment.12
The carpets here will take you to the south of Pollnivneach. Do you want to take a lift?12
Looks like you're walking then.12
He's his own monkey, he does whatever suits him, a total nuisance.9
I shouldn't say this really, but sometimes I begin to question some of Ali Morrisane's ideas, he says that associating a monkey with any product will increase sales. I just don't know, what will be next?9
I doubt it, amphibians don't have the same cutesy factor as monkeys.8
I don't dislike monkeys, it's just that monkey. I don't know, I might just be paranoid but I think he's... well... evil.8
You know something, I reckon that he's trying to take on those gnomes at their own game and I'd bet good money that he'll probably win.8
Ha! No doubt old Ali M instigated the whole thing.7
There's never a dull moment around that man, he's always looking for a way to make a quick coin or two.7
Would you? It sometimes gives me these stares... ~A visible shiver runs down his back.6
I would be really grateful if you could get that monkey off my back.6
You know those small little guys, not the dwarves now mind.6
Well they have already established an Airline, Gnome Air...6
Anyway I think that Ali M's setup here will prove really successful and maybe once we're properly established we could try compete with those gnomes.6
You can travel from here back to the Shantay Pass.5
Good heavens! I've never seen a weather like this before! It looks like a real sandstorm is coming up!4
Ali Morrisane's carpet fleet flies in any weather, though! Do you require our services?4
It's quite simple really, Ali Morrisane has hired myself and a few others to set up carpet stations at some of the desert's more populated places and run flights between the stations.4
I wouldn't be surprised, he's mentioned to me on a few occasions that he is thinking of diversifying even further.4
No it's been a quite a while since I last saw him.4
I don't think Ali is prepared to take on Gnome Air just yet, their gliders are much faster than our carpets, besides that I think we are in the short haul business, something that would only work in harsh conditions like3
the desert.3
I suppose because people would just walk. Getting lost isn't too much of a problem generally, but it's a different matter when you're in the middle of the Kharidian desert with a dry waterskin and no idea3
which direction to go in.3
Not too bad, the hubs are generally quite busy. But the stations in Uzer and the Bedabin camp could do with a bit more traffic.3
My fez? I got it from Ali Morrisane, it's a uniform of sorts, apparently it makes us more visible, but I'm not too sure about it.3
Do you like it? I haven't really made my mind up about it yet. You see it's not all that practical for desert conditions.3
Well it doesn't keep the sun out of my eyes and after a while sitting out in the desert they really begin to burn.3
From here you can travel to the Shantay Pass.3
Well this is a good position for desert traffic. Shantay seems to have a nice little money spinner setup, but I reckon, this could turn out even better.1
A what? No chance!1
Anyway I'm not leaving the rugs alone in this weather. They might blow away!1
You mightn't realise it, but this is quite a busy station.1
Well you for one, and besides that we get quite a few archaeologists from the dig site passing through to examine the golem.1
I don't live here all the time, you know! I was back home in Al Kharid last night.1
Well besides the obvious - looking after this station, I'm trying to figure out how these Tentis manage to cultivate such delicious pineapples.1