By Saradomin! My armour was on the stairs up there!725
That's better!722
Aha! Sweet freedom! It's good to be alive, old sweet shop! Thank you for freeing me, %USERNAME%.711
Thank you, %USERNAME%. You've done a great service for me and all the dwarves and gnomes.707
Thanks to you I can carry on my investigations. Good show, old brussels sprout!707
Hah! Don't fret, old penny whistle! It's still here. The front of my armour was specially crafted to allow my beard to fold up inside. Do you see?706
Indeed it is, old cheese! Now allow me to reward you in some way. All I have is my armour, but you are welcome to take any piece of it that you wish.706
Of course, of course. Here you go, old pumpkin.706
Excellent! Good show, old spice! Off you go then.341
Yes, indeed! Rude indeed! Then, as I was hammering on the door I heard a hissing sound and smelt something strange. The next thing I remember is waking up to find my armour gone!336
She invited me back to her 'tower', saying she would tell me all I wanted to know, and then as I walked in the door she slammed it shut behind me.333
My investigations brought me to our friend the princess down there, old pinata. She's related to this witch, as I mentioned. I know...showing a bit of interest in her to get her to give me information.330
I don't know exactly, but someone told me he was last seen talking to a witch before he disappeared.323
Right, well a young gnome friend of mine by the name of Winkin recently disappeared whilst delivering ogleroots to the market in Draynor.321
Stepmother? Ho! Good lord, no. No king in his right mind would marry a hag like that! No, this is her evil second-cousin, twice-removed.317
Ah! Straight to the point, eh, what? Good show old carrot, good show. Now let me explain.314
Indeed I do. Indeed I do.311
Aha! You made it. Well done, old sausage!299
That wench must have taken it!265
I'm in a bit of a fix right now. You see, the princess down there has this horrible relative who happens to be a witch.261
Ahh, you're back. Have you spoken to the princess yet, old mushroom?117
Hello again, old cheesecake! Wonderful to see you.109
Thanks to you freeing me, very well! I have much more to do of course, but now I am free, I can continue where I left off.109
I'm not surprised, old kiwi. It's a pretty ghastly business with all this kidnapping gnomes and dwarves.100
What's the trouble, old bellybutton fluff?90
I see. Well, you might be in luck. I have recently made another one to replace it. I guess you could have it for 60,000 gold. For the materials, you understand.90
Really? That's just fantastic! You are certainly full of surprises, %USERNAME%. Good show!88
And to you, my friend. And to you.87
There you are! I hope this one serves you well enough, old cabbage.86
Right you are then, old chestnut.37
Ah! %USERNAME%, old pantaloons! Good to see you, good to see you. What news?15
Princess Marzipan, eh? What a mouthful.14
Ah, I see. Good show. Say, did you find out anything about my missing friend?12
Good gods! That's awful! I won't have all this kidnapping nonsense! And to think we're supposed to be a civilised land!11
I'll think of something. In the meantime, you still need to get me out of here. Maybe you should see if Miazrqa is ready to let me out.11
Ah yes! That's my old helmet, old speckled hen! I hope it's serving you well.3
I see! How very interesting, old flotsam. I expect that will indeed come in handy to you at some point.1
Thank you, yy10vPE2Geit. You've done a great service for me and all the dwarves and gnomes.1
Aha! Sweet freedom! It's good to be alive, old sweet shop! Thank you for freeing me, 94sl71aMwKbs.1
Thank you, 94sl71aMwKbs. You've done a great service for me and all the dwarves and gnomes.1