Here! Now leave me alone!3,267
Why would I want to go up there? I just want to be left in peace!1,025
I don't know but it can't be far as he used to be around all the time!1,017
It used to be just humans trampling past my cave and making a racket. Now there's those blasted trolls too! Not only do they stink and argue with each other loudly but they are always fighting the humans.791
I've only been up Death Plateau once to complain about the noise but those pesky trolls started throwing rocks at me!717
Let me see...715
Before the trolls came there used to be a nettlesome Sherpa that took humans exploring or something equally stupid. Perhaps he'd know another way.701
I just want to be left in peace!677
Have you got rid of those pesky trolls yet?139
You told me you'd get rid of the trolls!45
Buzz off!42
I dunno but he must live around here somewhere!39
Hmph! They'd better!35
Why won't people leave me alone?!4