Why did the skeleton burp?6
My favourite fighter is Mubariz!4
Well. This beats doing the shopping!3
What did the skeleton say before it ate?3
'Cause it didn't have the guts to fart!3
My son just won his first duel!3
He ripped his opponent in half!3
How can you make a very lively hankerchief?2
Put a little boogey in it.2
Knock knock!2
Can't you see I'm watching the duels?2
He's only 10 as well!2
Hi! I'm here to watch the duels!2
I wouldn't want to be the poor guy that has to clean up after the duels.1
Don't cry, it's just me!1
Oi - we didn't come here to see you do that!1
Did you know they think this place dates back to the second age?!1
Yeah! He rocks!1
Ooh. This is exciting!1