Hi, can I help you with something?7
Why do you say that?7
Living under a mountain isn't the best way to get a tan. No I'm not from around here. I was born and worked most my life in the desert.7
The Keldagrim pits cater for those with the larger variety of cats. 7
Just even thinking of the place makes me thirsty. Now can I help you with anything?6
If you have an overgrown cat and a couple of coins you can challenge someone else who also has an overgrown cat and some spare change.6
You then agree on a wager. It's rumoured that some ratcatchers can talk to their own cats and give them tactics to aid them.6
I was just getting to that. Both the challengers' cats are placed inside the arena, and whichever kills 9 rats first wins.6
Hmmm... let me think. I don't think that's ever arisen but I think it's 20,000.3
You'd be surprised what some people would be willing to bet.3
There is a minimum bet of 100 coins too.3
It's a cruel world and the pits are no exception.2
Each to their own, I say.2
No, not now, we don't really bet with outsiders.1
I don't know, maybe once you've done something to win over my trust.1
No. Regular townsfolk don't like us, which leads us to distrust them and anyone else.1