Oh. It's by Olaf? Hmm. Well, a deal's a deal. I just hope it's better than the usual rubbish he comes up with, or my chances are worse than ever.848
Well, of course, they had to be enlarged first. There are still some dwarves working there, making more of the dungeons inhabitable before they move over to work in Etceteria.775
They've not been used to keep prisoners for a long time. But since the war ended, we've had more people visiting the island.772
Nobody apart from you, and those kids from Rellekka.771
You've found one here. Can I help you?770
Well, I don't know of any suspicious people... Advisor Ghrim can be rather paranoid about these things sometimes.770
Five of them came over here a few weeks ago. They said they were here to see relatives in the dungeons, and they were visiting from the mainland.770
Ah! Even the outerlanders have heard of my mysterious flower! I found it in a country far far away from here!607
I'm afraid not, outerlander. There is a woman in this village whose heart I seek to capture, and I think giving her this strange flower might be my best bet with her.604
Hmm... that is not a totally stupid idea outerlander. I know she is a lover of music, and a romantic ballad might be just the thing with which to woo her.597
That sounds like a fair deal to me, outerlander.596
Why are you surprised about this, though? I thought you'd become the Regent.561
Only the weather on Miscellania is terrible, and nobody could build houses that would stand up to a strong wind. Etceteria is just the same.549
Some of them decided they wanted to stay, so we've had to find somewhere for them to live...524
If you're looking for those kids from Rellekka, you'll find them in those dungeons.518
Unfortunately I don't have a musical bone in my entire body, so someone else will have to write it for me.451
Hello again, brother %FREMENNIK_NAME%. If you're ready to jump aboard, we're all ready to set sail with the tide!252
Nope. I'm just a sailor.149
Hello again, sister %FREMENNIK_NAME%. If you're ready to jump aboard, we're all ready to set sail with the tide!85
Let's go exile. Sooner you're off my ship the better.54
You're lucky you're needed on Miscellania exile. Just don't speak to me on the journey!48
Not really my affair, outerlander.38
Okay. Suit yourself.25
Don't talk to me outerlander. I need to fix this longboat. Go talk to the chieftain.19
Well, the only musician I know of in these parts would be that terrible bard Olaf... ask him.14
Don't talk to me exile.5
It's Thora, the longhall barkeep. Please don't tell her though. She's not like the rest of the Fremennik girls, she has a secret desire to see the world.3
Being a sailor, I can really relate to that.2
You're lucky you're needed there. Just don't speak to me on the journey!1