I don't have time to talk to you. Go away!1,800
I...I... I KILLED HIM! So I wouldn't have to pay him and no one would know. I put his body in the next load of sand.1,050
So that I could make him work longer without paying him more!1,049
Because... I changed it.1,048
Because.... because.... I bribed a wizard to put a spell on him so he would believe everything I say!!1,048
Wow! I must see this!1,047
I'm not falling for that one!624
Who wants to know?606
I don't care about that, I have far too much work to do. Let the authorities take care of things like murder and stop snooping around my office!596
Sand is yellow, Sand is grand, Sand puts money, In my hand!7
Nice day for sand isn't it?7
I'm Sandy of Sandy's Sand Corp, are you in the sand business?6
Then go away!5