What can I do for you young 'un?6,942
Did you bring me the required ingredients for the potion?1,246
Ah, you've come just in time. I need a certain herb for the next part of the purification ritual...1,157
Journey to the north into the land of the trolls, and find the secret of the herb the trolls call 'goutweed'.1,154
Thank you, adventurer!1,136
Excellent! I will be able to complete the next part of the ritual now. I will teach you a new spell and give you some of my knowledge in Herblore as a token of thanks.1,120
What's that? He's agreed to take me...well that's wonderful! Many thanks.1,104
Well, what I'm struggling with right now is the meats needed for the potion to honour Guthix. I need the raw meat of four different animals for it, but not just any old meats will do.1,103
It used to be quite common, but nowadays only the trolls know where to find it. They use it in their cooking, you see. It's a very prized ingredient.917
If you ever come across more goutweed, bring it to me; I don't need any more for the ritual, but it's still quite difficult for me to get. I'll exchange it for some other herbs.909
My friend Eadgar lives in the area, and he may be able to help you. Bring some goutweed back and I will teach you something useful.863
Please tell that dwarf that he's welcome to come here and train to be an initiate.856
Each meat has to be dipped individually into the Cauldron of Thunder for it to work correctly.818
Hmmm, are you considering yourself?799
Thank you so much adventurer! These meats will allow our potion to honour Guthix to be completed, and bring one step closer to reclaiming our stone circle!785
Dwarves? Well now, that's a mighty interesting question... Just because we haven't before, doesn't mean to say that we shouldn't.784
Ok, you need to heat some water up in a bowl, then pour it into an empty teacup. Add 1 harralander, 2 guam and 1'll warm that poor fellow up a treat!771
Well hand 'em over then lad!764
Oh yes? Well, that's interesting. Let me think for a moment. Hmmm... yes, actually, I don't mind taking him on, so long as you can do me just one small favour. Well, two actually.763
Stop interrupting me. I haven't told you about these favours!763
Yes, but you'll have to make another one for the gnome.763
But you'll have to make another one for the gnome.762
In addition...761
Well, that's the life of an adventurer. Is it a deal, or not?761
If you want!761
Well, perhaps a bit... but it's never stopped you doing things for me before.760
We call it 'Guthix's rest'.760
Now go and talk to Kaqemeex and he will introduce you to the wonderful world of herblore and potion making!752
Certainly. It was after all, my creation, and mine alone. If anyone should know how to make it, it should be me!689
Ok, essentially this potion is a mixture of a cure poison, cure disease and restore stats all rolled into one! Very handy for the adventurers with an eye on conserving inventory space.648
Well, it's very easy really. You take a standard super stat restore potion. Add some ground unicorn horn. Then, add some snake weed from the island of Karamja. Finally, add some nail beast nails. You can624
It is located somewhere in the mysterious underground halls which are located somewhere in the woods just South of here. They are too dangerous for me to go myself however.620
Well, most adventurers avoid the deep Mort Myre swamp, whereas the Paterdomus trek and the Burgh de Rott trek take you through the most interesting areas. These area's often allow the quickest, but potentially585
There's a poor little gnome up on White Wolf mountain. I wondered if you could take him a warming herbal brew. I have the recipe here!581
I've long wished to take a trip down to see those ogres to the south of Yanille, and bring the word of Guthix to them. I was hoping you might organise this trip with the gnome pilot up there on White Wolf mountain.580
They can be pretty dangerous. They'll defend for a long time, then attack suddenly and seemingly without warning, landing three viscious attacks at once. This can be pretty lethal. However, the nail beasts themselves565
Well thank you very much!513
only get these from the area of Morytania, specifically, if you go deep in the Mort Myre swamp.434
more dangerous routes through Mort Myre. This is where you're likely to encounter a Nail beast.407
are curiously wounded from the Sanfew Serum itself...very bizzare, that a potion made from their claws should have such a pronounced effect on them.374
Well hand 'em over then lass!336
Well, we all make mistakes sometimes.172
Well let me know when you do young 'un.141
I'm afraid you are not yet learned enough in the art of Herblore to be able to help me, adventurer...138
Now why would he need that?58
Never mind then... I think Tegid is doing his laundry outside. You could ask him if you can borrow one of his dirty robes.58
Trouble with your memory eh young 'un? I need the raw meats of four different animals that have been dipped into the Cauldron of Thunder so I can make my potion to honour Guthix.50
Make a herbal tea for the gnome and persuade him to take me to the ogre area, down to the south!41
Hmm, it's quite a straight-forward process. A person, perhaps like yourself, comes along to me and asks. 40
Herblore eh? You're probably best off talking to Kaqemeex about that; he's the best herblore teacher we currently have. I believe at the moment he's at out stone circle just North of here.40
Good, good.37
Not just yet, young 'un.36
I've told you already.34
We test your knowledge of Herblore and see if you can fit in with the rest of us. If you pass, then we let you become an initiate.34
Journey to the north into the land of the trolls, and find the secret of the herb the trolls call goutweed.28
Well, not right now I don't think young 'un. In fact, I need to make some more preparations myself for the ritual. Rest assured, if I need any more help I will ask you again.28
I don't need any more goutweed for the ritual, but it's still quite difficult for me to get. If you ever come across some, bring it to me; I'll exchange it for some other herbs.16
Ah, good. Here are some herbs in exchange.14
Oh well. No doubt some other adventurer will eventually come who can help me.6
Well, that's a shame. I was looking forward to visiting the ogres... Perhaps someday I will.2