It's Vanstrom!616
Sure, go ahead. I'll answer as best I can.545
Hello. Very nice to meet you! The name's Sani Piliu. What's yours?509
The pleasure's all mine! I've got a good feeling about you. I reckon you're going to do great things for us! You have a powerful aura. Sorry, that must seem really strange.503
We're dead!486
Oh, hello %USERNAME%. Nice to see you again! How's things?58
There's not much to tell really. I was nine years old when my family was ripped to pieces by a vampyre.45
One moment I was a happy member of a loving family, the next I was an orphan living a hand to mouth existence.44
I quickly found I had a very useful set of skills and there were plenty of people willing to pay for them.39
Somehow I managed to get by, eking out a living wherever I could. People took pity on me and I earnt food by helping them out.38
I bumped into Veliaf in Canifis. He saw that I would be an asset to the Myreque and invited me to join. I said yes of course. I couldn't turn down the chance to fight against those who took away my family.37
It's our only camp! At least, for our group. I know there's more Myreque in other parts of Morytania but I don't know exactly where.30
The entire region is ruled over by Lowerniel Drakan and his family. Everyone living here must pay blood tithes to the vampyres. The tithes keep the vampyres fed and ensure that people are too weak to oppose them.25
That's where we come in. We won't just offer our family members to the Drakans as a weekly snack. We're going to fight back!25
Well Veliaf is the leader of our group. We're not the only ones in Morytania though. Veliaf reports to someone called Calsidiu who's in charge of all the Myreque. I've never met any of the others though.24
Our hope is to one day bring an end to the reign of Lowerniel Drakan and his vampyres.24
With determination you can achieve great things. However, Veliaf always tells us not to underestimate the enemy. I've made that mistake before. I won't be making it again.23
For now though, we're just trying to find any weaknesses we can take advantage of. We need to know how to kill them before we take the war to them!20
Hi there. You're new here aren't you? You'd best go and talk with Veliaf.11