Welcome, human, to the Quality Weapons Shop! Can I interest you in a purchase?1,218
Fancy a particular colour then? Blue is quite popular at the moment, and red is on the rise.815
The King's axe!814
Oh yes, the statue... a most unfortunate incident.813
I'm not entirely sure what I mean, human. But the axe, you say, what exactly did you need it for?810
And so it does!779
I do not know how it got lost, but my great-grandfather found it at the banks of the Kelda, further downstream from the city.777
There is not much left of it, to be honest. The blade has almost completely rusted away, and the sapphires on the hilt were either stolen or were washed away by the river before it was found.777
Not entirely, no, but it matches the description well enough, and the holes for the sapphires are still clearly visible on the hilt. But since no one has a similar claim, I don't really care. It's genuine to me.775
On your own? I doubt it. The sapphires, perhaps, if you are a skilled enough crafter. But the blade...774
Really? That is amazing news.744
Excellent! You can take a cart to Ice Mountain from the station here, that should help you get there faster.744
It's been in my family's care for a few generations now, after it has been lost for a long time.610
What would a human want with it?594
Not that I'm entirely sure that it was merely an accident, of course.588
I doubt it is useful to Blasidar in this state, master sculptor though he is.567
I will entrust you with King Alvis' battleaxe, then, human.564
Help to restore it to its former glory!543
You're a decent smith, but this is far beyond your capabilities.541
And please ask Blasidar to return it to me after he's done with it, I would sure love to see the restored blade again.536
What you need is the skills of an Imcando dwarf... but they must all be dead by now.489
Ah, you mean King Alvis' axe? You still have it, yes?355
That's a great start! Now if you can find an Imcando dwarf so the blade can be repaired, that would be even better!331
Your feeble smithing skills will be of no use. No, you will need expert help on this.32
Formidable though your smithing skills are, this is beyond your capabilities.32
Yes, perhaps, perhaps...30
Perhaps the librarian, just due east of here, can help you.24
Yes, I like the sound of this!23
I'll give it to you, embedded into your head!10
Then stop wasting my time.7
Piece of junk??7
That is amazing! Absolutely astounding work!6
Go and give Blasidar a hand with it then, and make sure to tell him to send it back to me when he's done with it!6
I thought you were going to put sapphires on it and bring it to an Imcando dwarf?6
Oh, that's beautiful! All it needs now is three sapphires crafted onto the hilt.5
Clearly you are a master smith, perhaps one of the best human smiths in all of Gielinor. Yet this is beyond even you.2
Excuse me, do you mind? That's my fireplace.1
Ah, you mean King Alvis' axe? Didn't you give it to Blasidar?1
No, I believe he's still using it.1
But thanks for your help with restoring the axe to its former glory!1