Thank you so much! Would you like a cup of tea before you go?8,247
That's me. Not many people interested in visiting me these days. What brings you here?1,034
I see. I'm afraid I can't help you. The key is gone.1,031
Yes gone. When my father passed the key down to me he told me that I must keep it safe no matter what. When the vampyres came to Port Phasmatys I buried it out in the swamps to stop them getting it.1,031
You don't. The key is gone and it's safer that way. I never liked looking after that lump of metal anyway.1,029
Yes, a strange red metal.1,028
What was that?1,027
I'd like a Mahogany table built.295
I'd like a Mahogany bed built.261
I'd like my range fixed.257
I'd like a Mahogany small table built.250
I'd like a Mahogany dresser built.229
I'd like a Teak table built.200
I'd like a Mahogany shelf built.199
I'd like a Teak dresser built.169
I'd like a Teak small table built.165
Hello. How can I help you?160
I'd like a Teak shelf built.158
I'd like a Teak bed built.157
Please excuse me, I'm rather busy.135
I'd like an Oak table built.79
I'd like an Oak small table built.72
I'd like an Oak bed built.68
Woooo wooo wooooo woooo67
I'd like an Oak dresser built.65
What do you want, mortal?65
I'd like an Oak shelf built.58
Not much, I'm dead.57
You again. You're not still after that key are you?38
You're the one who stopped Necrovarus. Our people are forever grateful to you, even if we don't always show it.31
Yes - ask a gardener.9
I'd like a Wooden table built.6
Well, it's actually my loom, but I don't mind you using it, if you like. You can use it to weave sacks and baskets in which you can put vegetables and fruit.6
I'd like a Wooden bed built.5
I'd like a Wooden dresser built.5
I'd like a Wooden small table built.5
I can't find my husband, we got separated as we disembarked the ship.5
I'd like a Wooden shelf built.4
Well, the best sacks are made with jute fibres; you can grow jute yourself in a hops patch. I'd say about 4 jute fibres should be enough to weave a sack.1