I know that I am one.8
Sure. On one condition.8
Actually there is no condition! I don't want to vote for you! You seem too gullible to be a Fremennik!8
What do I care? I am a Fremennik and you are just some stupid outerlander! You stupid outerlander!8
Like serfs.4
Yes, you know - peons, plebs, the downtrodden. He treats us like his own personal possessions.3
I keep trying to save up enough to leave, but the King keeps taxing us! We have no money left.3
Hello again brother Talvald Drapare. What need you of me this day? You can always rely on my assistance!2
My door is always open should you ever need my help Talvald Drapare.2
It gets you down after a while, you know. There are 273 shades of grey, you know, and we have them all.2
That attempt at humour merely made me more depressed. Leave me alone.2
I cannot speak to you outerlander! Talk to Brundt, the Chieftain!1
Welcome back brother Raltor. It is always a pleasure to see you here!1
Always good to see you brother Talvald Drapare.1
Hello. Did you want something Talvald Drapare?1
Well... okay then!1
My apologies brother Talvald Drapare! I have not time to tarry here with you!1
Ralrak... It has been too long since last we met!1
I'd prefer that, if it meant I didn't have to talk to people as inanely happy as you.1