Tanath cur, tanath cur!1,251
Don't hurt me, don't hurt me!1,250
I don't have anything; please believe me!1,246
Please don't touch me!1,245
I'm begging your kindness; I don't have it!1,242
I cannot help you, but the others can.1,186
Let me tells you the most common skavid words:1,039
I'll tells you where that things you wants is. The mad skavids have it in their cave in the city.978
Ar, nod, gor, ig and cur.885
Those will gets you started.861
Master, my kinsmen tell me you have learned skavid. You should speak to the mad ones in their cave.771
Thank you, kind sir.762
You will have to learn skavid, otherwise they will not talks to you. Here, I'll tell you what you need to know...758
Thank you, kind madam.424
Master, how are you doing learning our language?98
Ahhhhh, help!52
Ah, master. You did well to understand our language.1