Mee's got no stabbers no more...gonna go home wiv no chompy...35
Me'se can't wait for da chompy yumms...I's dribbling all down me's for da tasty chompy.34
De'se stabbers are worser dan a dead dog.... 34
Chompy is bestest yumms...32
Da fatsy toadies geddin' all messy...32
Yous creature doesn't stick mee's chompy, else mee's squeeze creature till yous a deadun!31
Mee's scared of Jiggig and da zogries, deyz is not da right dead-uns.29
Yous creatures too weedy for da ogre stabby chucker, yous best stick wiv da cluks-cluks.27
I's stickin' da chompy...25
Me's gonna ged da pridy chompy looks like a good-un wiv da laydies.23