You must be a great mage to be able to see me, human.428
Those who walk fully in the Shadow Realm become warped by it and speak as ghosts do. That is why I cannot speak to you unless you wear the amulet.427
Nothing so morbid. I am a scout for Khazard, and I move more easily through the land unseen. There are enemies everywhere.426
Thank you, messenger.423
There is nothing pleasant about this land. The animals are vile, the temperature is unbearable and the plant life is often more dangerous than the animals.421
What news, skinbag?412
Your smell disgusts me, so make it quick.411
I'll be glad when all this is over. The General will be strong again and we will push back this tide of filth that is humanity.409
Haa, haa, haa. Oh, you naive mortals. There were many here before you. The last time the General went north, all this land belonged to the elves. Do not think so highly of your race.408
I am a scout, not a spy. I do not keep track of them.405
I have nothing to rip, but the message is 'We of the blood are still loyal. Pavlov is the messenger.'401
No, you may go.399
Finally, news! What message does he send?398
Well, spit it out! I can't wait here all day.398
Indeed? Strange you would serve a man you feel that way about, but I will not doubt the General's judgement. You'd best go back to the General and report. I have a message you could take him.398
Good. I long for the slaughter. These local squabbles and politics bore me. I wonder if the others have begun to move as well?397
Ah, not for your ears, messenger!396
There is talk in the village that the Count of Draynor Manor has been slain by some meddling adventurer. I will need to enter the manor to verify this.396
You did not know of him before that? I am surprised he would speak to someone who did not know of his greatness.396
How do you mean?395
You have served the General well. I hope he rewards you. How did you come to his service?395
Gah! Don't sneak up on me!386
I think I can see my heart pounding!386
What is it you want exactly?385
Oh good, I long for the cold. This place is so hot! The General has told me much of his time spent here and I can see why he left.384
Long ago, yes. But not by choice. His evil lord and master forced him and his kind to reside here.383
I think I have said too much already.381
The fighting in the desert has come to a stop. However, there is still much distrust between Menaphos and Al Kharid. It seems like it would be possible to reignite the war if needed.381
Not at this time. I must investigate further.381
I'm too busy scouting to be in touch. One headed this direction with me seeking the place of heat and sand, another sought a place of moisture and growth and the last sought gnomes.378
There were some strange occurrences in Tai Bwo Wannai. The people fled their village because their gods were angry with them, or the like, but now they have returned. I must investigate why.297
But I hear Glough has lost his position as advisor.292
I was ordered west. One was told to seek out the warmth of the jungles. The other two headed east: one in search of deserts, the other in search of knights.289
I was told to go south, so here I am. I know one was to investigate the gnomes. I believe one headed towards Asgarnia. Another was told to go to a place of great heat, but that they would have to sneak through a pass.288
I head to the land of the gnomes; rumours say it is peaceful right now.284
That is all I have heard.279
Other than that, nothing of interest.268
I have heard whisperings in the bandit camp that the prisoner of Jaldraocht is now free.262
I followed one called Lazim. He let slip that he had discovered the buried temple. Now the two others who were there are on the move. The General may find there are new players at the ritual this time.254
As I passed through Ardougne, I overheard some news. The plague in the west grows worse. King Lathas's popularity continues to increase as he tries to combat it. I suspect there is more to be learned, but my mission is249
to observe gnomes, not humans.181
I have heard that the cultists, who think they are so well hidden in the sewers, have failed in their ritual.166
As I passed through Ardougne, I overheard some news. The plague in the west was revealed to be a hoax. King Lathas was executed and a new king now rules in his place. I suspect there is more to be learned, but my159
Hmm, I left one of them near a haunted wood - the trees kept trying to hit us. One scout headed for a jungle and the other for the gnomes.150
mission is to observe gnomes, not humans.114
I have heard that the cultists, who think they are so well hidden in the sewers, have succeeded in their ritual.114
Shilo Village was overrun with the undead, but someone of great ability has brought the situation under control.110
You must speak to General Khazard to obtain your 'well-earned' reward.25
Wooooo whooo wooo. Whoot!14
A mere mortal can see into the Shadow Realm? The General will want to know of this.11
You can see into the Shadow Realm, but you are not of it. I cannot trust you.11
Begone, you filthy human. I spare no words for you.10
I am on a mission. I cannot spare time to speak to you.6
I am busy, mortal. The General will not be pleased if I fail in my mission.4
Spy! I shall kill you!4
I cannot speak to you. I was instructed by General Khazard to only speak to one of the blood.2
I can't speak to you; I must continue on my mission.2