Welcome adventurer, to the world renowned Wizards' Tower. How may I help you?2,665
Oh, you are, are you? And just why would you be doing that?1,168
Did he now? HmmmMMMMMmmmmm. Well that IS interesting. Hand it over then adventurer, let me see what all the hubbub about it is. Just some amulet I'll wager.1,166
Wow! This is... incredible!1,140
Best of luck with your quest, %USERNAME%.1,133
Take this package, and head directly North from here, through Draynor village, until you reach the Barbarian Village. Then head East from there until you reach Varrock.1,132
Well done.1,082
May I have his notes then?1,038
Well, before you hand them over to me, as you have been nothing but truthful with me to this point, and I admire that in an adventurer, I will let you into the secret of our research.1,020
You haven't guessed? This talisman you brought me... it is the key to the elemental altar of air! When you hold it next, it will direct you towards1,014
No... there are others... whom I will tell of your authorisation to visit that place. When you speak to them, they will know you, and grant you access to that place when asked.1,012
Ah, %USERNAME%. How goes your quest? Have you delivered the research notes to my friend Aubury yet?954
I need time to study this, %USERNAME%. Can you please do me this task while I study this talisman you have brought me? In the mighty town of Varrock, which844
original Wizards' Tower all of those centuries ago! My research, combined with this mysterious talisman... I cannot believe the answer to the mysteries is so close now!838
require somebody to take them to the shopkeeper so that he may share my research and offer me his insights. Do this thing for me, and bring back what he gives you,833
Once in Varrock, take this package to the owner of the rune shop. His name is Aubury. You may find it helpful to ask one of Varrock's citizens for directions,816
as Varrock can be a confusing place for the first time visitor. He will give you a special item - bring it back to me, and I shall show you the mystery of the runes...771
When this Tower was burnt down the secret of creating runes was lost to us for all time... except it wasn't. Some months ago, while searching these ruins for information from the old days,765
Th-this talisman you brought me...! It is the last piece of the puzzle, I think! Finally! The legacy of our ancestors... it will return to us once more!746
I will keep the teleport skill to the Rune Essence a closely guarded secret, shared only by myself and those Magic users around the world whom I trust enough to keep it.741
tragedy befalling this world. I know not where the temples are located, nor do I know where the talismans have been scattered to in this land, but I now734
And this is not all! By finding other talismans similar to this one, you will eventually be able to craft every rune that is available on this world! Just733
This rock was called the 'Rune Essence' by the magicians who studied its powers. Apparently, by simply breaking a chunk from it, a Rune Stone could be fashioned very quickly and easily at certain727
or these elemental altars. This is where you and Aubury come into this story. A few weeks back, Aubury discovered in a standard delivery of runes to his store, a parchment detailing a726
and if my suspicions are correct, I will let you into the knowledge of one of the greatest secrets this world has ever known! A secret so powerful that it destroyed the719
As I'm sure you have now guessed, he had discovered a portal leading to the mythical Rune Essence. As soon as he told me of this spell, I saw the importance of his find,718
is located North East of here, there is a certain shop that sells magical runes. I have in this package all of the research I have done relating to the Rune Stones, and717
you wish to visit the Rune Essence, speak to me or Aubury and we will open a portal to that mystical place for you to visit.715
Do this thing for me %USERNAME%. Be rewarded in a way you can never imagine.695
Now as you may or may not know, many centuries ago, the wizards at this Tower learnt the secret of creating Rune Stones, which allowed us to cast Magic very easily.678
I came upon a scroll, almost destroyed, that detailed a magical rock deep in the icefields of the North, closed off from access by anything other than magical means.672
elemental altars that were scattered across the land back then. Now, this is an interesting little piece of history, but not much use to us as modern wizards without access to the Rune Essence,662
the entrance to the long forgotten Air Altar! By bringing pieces of the Rune Essence to the Air Temple, you will be able to fashion your own Air Runes!646
teleportation spell that he had never come across before. To his shock, when cast it took him to a strange rock he had never encountered before... yet that felt strangely familiar...642
for if we could but find the elemental altars spoken of in the ancient texts, we would once more be able to create runes as our ancestors had done! It would be the saviour of the wizards' art!642
Use the Air Talisman to locate the air temple, and use any further talismans you find to locate the other missing elemental temples. Now... my research notes please?632
return your Air Talisman to you. Find the Air Temple, and you will be able to charge your Rune Essences to become Air Runes at will. Any time622
This means that if any evil power should discover the talismans required to enter the elemental temples, we will be able to prevent their access to the Rune Essence and prevent613
as our ancestors did! I cannot stress enough what a find this is! Now, due to the risks involved of letting this mighty power fall into the wrong hands608
Hello again %USERNAME%. What can I do for you?140
That is indeed a good question. Here in the cellar of the Wizards' Tower you find the remains of the old Wizards' Tower, destroyed by fire99
HA HA HA HA HA! I can tell you are new to this land, for I AM the head wizard! Hand it over and let me have a proper look at it, hmmm?97
Aaaah... that would be telling adventurer. Anything I have found I cannot speak freely of, for fear the treachery of the past might be repeated.94
many years past by the treachery of the Zamorakians. Many mysteries were lost, which we try to find once more. By building this Tower on the remains of the old,83
Perhaps I will see you later %USERNAME%.78
Well, I AM the head wizard here...72
we sought to show the world of our dedication to learning the mysteries of Magic. I am here searching through these fragments for knowledge from the artefacts from our past.71
Well, it is a long story from the past... Many years ago, this Wizards' Tower was a focus of great learning, as we mages studied together to try and learn the secrets behind61
No, unfortunately not. Many years past, the Wizards who follow Zamorak, the god of chaos, burned this Tower to the ground, and all who were inside.60
the Rune Stones that allow us to use Magic. Who makes them? Where do they come from? How many types are there? What spells can they produce? All these questions and more are still unknown to us,49
This is why I spend my time searching through these few remains we have left from the glorious old Tower. I hope someday to find something that will tell us once more of the mysteries of49
but were once known to our ancestors. Legends tell us that in the past the mages who lived here could fashion Rune Stones almost at will, and as many as they desired.44
To this day we do not fully know why they did this terrible act, but all our research, all of our greatest magical minds were destroyed in one fell swoop.44
Well, take care adventurer. You stand on the ruins of the old destroyed Wizards' Tower. Strange and powerful magicks lurk here.43
the runes that we use daily, which dwindle in supply with each use. Someday I hope we may once more create our own runes, and the Wizards' Tower will once more be a place of glory!38
And did he give you anything in return?27
I think perhaps you should go and speak to him again then, adventurer.27
Hmmm? You are a very odd person. Come back again when you have found it.26
Hmmm. Well, I admire your caution adventurer, perhaps I can prove myself? I will use my mental powers to discover...24
Well I am head wizard you know! You don't get to my position without learning a few tricks along the way!24
Your name is... %USERNAME%!21
So now I have proved myself to you why don't you hand over that talisman, hmm?21
Well, please do so as soon as possible. Remember: to get to Varrock, head due North, through Draynor Village, around Draynor Manor, and then head East when17
you get to the Barbarian village. The man you seek is named Aubury, and he owns the rune shop there. It is vital he receives this package.13
Come and speak to me again when you have them with you, %USERNAME%.13
You WHAT?9
Tch, that was really very careless of you. Luckily as head wizard I have great powers, and will be able to teleport it back here without too much effort.8
Ok, I have retrieved it. Luckily it doesn't appear to have been damaged. Now please take it to Aubury, and try not to lose it again.8
As you wish adventurer. I will continue to study this talisman you have brought me. Return here if you find yourself with some spare time to help me.3
You did? You are extremely careless aren't you? I suggest you go and speak to Aubury once more, with luck he will have made copies of his research.2
Ah, jBZz0cN6jp1X. How goes your quest? Have you delivered the research notes to my friend Aubury yet?1