Many greetings.2,458
Let me look into my looking glass.1,110
I can see a scorpion that you seek. It would appear to be near some nasty spiders. I can see two coffins there as well.1,104
Well you have come to the right place. I am a master of animal detection.1,010
The scorpion seems to be going through some crack in the wall. It's gone into some sort of secret room.968
Well see if you can find that scorpion then, and I'll try and get you some information on the others.842
Do you need to locate any particular scorpion? Scorpions are a creature somewhat in abundance.813
Knowledge comes from experience, power comes from battleaxes.406
It seems to be in some sort of upstairs room. There seems to be some sort of brown clothing lying on a table.289
Well, I've checked my looking glass. There seems to be a kharid scorpion in a little village in the east, surrounded by lots of uncivilised-looking warriors. Some kind of merchant there seems to have picked it up.288
It's good that you should ask. I have information on the last scorpion for you.283
That's all I can tell you about that scorpion.253
Remember, whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first.124
That's lucky because I've got some information on the last scorpion for you.44