Greetings sweetie. How can I help?1,312
Ah, yes.1,267
Well there are a great many rings darling, try to be more specific.1,223
Ah, I see. I'm afraid to say I don't have one of those. But... I do know that my grandfather had such a ring, but he passed away a long time ago.1,221
He was an archaeologist. Well, more of a treasure hunter. When I was little he always used to bury items around the island and give me clues and maps to find them. If you're lucky you1,220
I remember those days fondly, hours of digging around, dodging boulders, pits of snakes...1,219
The clue I have written down here says: From water's source you should follow, crossing the western-most bridge and travelling further south- westerly to a bloom of blue.884
There is a chance he buried it though.864
might find one of those rings.845
What are you doing here, Fremennik?!232
No you do not! Begone!229
Ok. Like what?111
Let me see... We value knowledge of self because it is this that gives us our strength! It is most important!94
I was meaning something a little deeper than that. We also like to see someone listen. You know how they say a wise man listens?84
Did you hear me?77
Most wise.72
Good for you.30
No need to be rude dear!16