F-f-f-fish... give him the f-f-f-fish he likes and he might f- f-f-fall asleep.2,991
Meow! Errr... I c-c-c-can't help you... He'll kill us all!2,802
Look... over t-t-there! That fishing spot c-c-contains the f-f-f-fish he likes.2,688
Come? Come where?504
You go, %USERNAME%, I don't belong there... I belong here, in ScapeRune. This is the only place I can ever go...498
Our love can never be, sweet %USERNAME%.240
Go now! Go, and don't look back!219
Look, I'd better not talk. I'll get in trouble.27
If you want someone to show you round the castle ask Eohric, the Head Servant.27