How are those chicken cages coming along?1,101
Well that's great! Well done! You can go and talk to those fanatics now and tell them that they'll get their chickens and they can let little Jimmy the Chisel go! Once again, thanks for your help.1,099
Hello there stranger, what's the meaning of this intrusion? A farmer's hovel is his castle!737
A month's supply eh! Well, I was going to take them to market and just concentrate on the cows, but I reckon that little Jimmy's neck is worth a few scrawny chickens, don't you?733
Well, Ok then. We need to get this organised. First off, we need to get some proper cages to get them chickens transported. I've never normally transported chickens in such large quantities before.727
We'll need to get some proper cages, but I have nothing like that here. You'll have to go and see my friend Horvik in Varrock. He's a pretty well known metal-smith and he's done me a few favours in the past.727
Could you get three bars of steel and take them to Horvik, that's what I owe him for a previous job that he did for me.725
Many thanks! Remember, you need to take him three steel bars.723
I'm afraid that I'll have to ask a small favour of you as well, my friend.560
Thanks for getting us those chicken can go and talk to those fanatics now and get Jimmy released.129
M'arnin'....going to milk me cowsies!52
You need to get three bars of steel and take them to Horvik in Varrock, ask him if he can make some chicken cages so that we can transport these chickens to those fanatics and release poor Jimmy.41
I understand...4
Poor old Jimmy, locked in that cage...3