Ay yer big elephant! Yer've caught me, to be sure! What would an elephant like yer be wanting wid ol' Shamus then?1,062
Zanaris is it now? Well well well... Yer'll be needing to be going to that funny little shed out there in the swamp, so you will.957
Aye that it is!957
Oh, was I fergetting to say? Yer need to be carrying a Dramenwood staff to be getting there! Otherwise Yer'll just be ending up in the shed.950
Dramenwood staffs are crafted from branches of the Dramen tree, so they are. I hear there's a Dramen tree over on the island of Entrana in a cave949
Ah yer stupid elephant! The city isn't IN the shed! The doorway to the shed is being a portal to Zanaris, so it is.855
or some such. There would probably be a good place for an elephant like yer to be starting looking I reckon.682
The monks are running a ship from Port Sarim to Entrana, I hear too. Now leave me alone yer elephant!656
Hey! Yer big elephant! Don't go choppin' down me house, now!177
Well you'll have to be catchin' me again when yer are, elephant!66
Yer stupid elephant! I'll tell yer again! Yer need to be entering the shed in the middle of the swamp while holding a dramenwood staff! Yer can make the Dramen staff17
from a dramen tree branch, and there's a Dramen tree on Entrana! Now leave me alone yer great elephant!16
Ha! Look at yer! Look at the stupid elephant who tries to go catching a leprechaun when he don't even be knowing what he wants!14