Hello again friend. Please read the billboard poster before going into the desert. It'll give yer details on the dangers you can face.2,837
Well done.2,471
This is the pass of Shantay. I guard this area with my men. I am responsible for keeping this pass open and repaired.1,325
Ha, very funny.....1,264
You'll have to stay in there until you pay the fine of five gold pieces. Do you want to pay now?1,261
You have a choice. You can either pay five gold pieces or... You can be transported to a maximum security prison in Port Sarim.1,239
You are to be transported to a maximum security prison in Port Sarim. I hope you've learnt an important lesson from this.1,171
My men and I prevent outlaws from getting out of the desert. And we stop the inexperienced from a dry death in the sands. Which would you say you were?1,046
Will you pay the five gold pieces?937
You should be in jail! Well, no doubt the authorities in Port Sarim know what they're doing. But if you get into any more trouble, you'll be stuck back in jail.834
Hello effendi, I am Shantay.824
Guards arrest him!695
Sorry friend, the Shantay Pass is 5 gold coins. You don't seem to have enough money!665
Sorry friend, you'll need more inventory space to buy a pass.514
I see you're new. Please read the billboard poster before going into the desert. It'll give yer details on the dangers you can face.429
There is a heartbroken mother just past the gates and in the desert. Her name is Irena and she mourns her lost daughter. Such a shame.392
Guards arrest her!277
Absolutely Effendi!202
So long...147
Good, I see that you have come to your senses.104
If you want to be let out, you have to pay a fine of five gold. Do you want to pay now?89
Great Effendi, now please try to keep the peace.48
Hope the quest is going well friend. Irena told me you were looking for Ana. Very brave of you!35
But perhaps you have some in your bank? Or would you prefer the maximum security prison in Port Sarim.30
Very well, I grow tired of you, you'll be taken to a new jail in Port Sarim.30
Which is it going to be?27
You don't have that kind of cash on you I see.27
Great, I have just the thing for the desert adventurer. I sell desert clothes which will keep you cool in the heat of the desert. I also sell waterskins so that you won't die in the desert.20
A waterskin and a knife help you survive from the juice of a cactus. Use the chest to store your items, we'll take them to the bank. It's hot in the desert, you'll bake in all that armour.16
Effendi, you insult me! I am not interested in making a profit from you! I merely seek to cover my expenses in keeping this pass open.14
To keep the pass open we ask for 5 gold pieces. And we give you a Shantay Pass, just ask to see what I sell to buy one.14
Sorry effendi, I can't offer this service right now.13
There is repair work to carry out and also the men's wages to consider. For the paltry sum of 5 Gold pieces, I think we offer a great service.12
Can I recommend that you purchase a full waterskin and a knife! These items will no doubt save your life. A waterskin will keep water from evaporating in the desert.7
And a keen woodsman with a knife can extract the juice from a cactus. Before you go into the desert, it's advisable to wear desert clothes. It's very hot in the desert and you'll surely cook if you wear armour.6
To keep the pass bandit free, we charge a small toll of five gold pieces. You can buy a desert pass from me, just ask me to open the shop. You can also use our free banking services by clicking on the chest.6
Okay then..., you'll need access to your bank.6