Well! How extraordinary! I'm definitely in, but only really good at doing armour and weapons on big statues - is that of use?955
I agree wholeheartedly.831
Yes Sir.659
Of course Sir. What kind of statue?658
Yes Ma'am.297
Of course Ma'am. What kind of statue?297
Yes, yes, I'm on my way, just collecting my things! I'll be there shortly.91
Isn't it just? I'm so proud at what we have pulled together to create.61
Oh hello there, I'm an architect.59
We can't start till we have someone to build all the parts.54
So sorry but the people of Shayzien do not favour you currently. Please leave.31
So sorry, too busy at the moment.26
Great! Since working on that statue, everyone wants a miniature - very handy for business!16