Every two-bit soldier knows that salute. We won't give you the time of day without the secret phrase. Now GO AWAY.1,057
They are lazy, good for nothing, codfish addicts. GO AWAY.1,045
What do you think you are doing? You're going to blow our cover. Get away.1,001
Is the Farmer an agent for the other side?974
You are one clueless penguin. The outpost is the iceberg to the North. The entrance is concealed by what looks like an avalanche.968
Fine. What do you want?948
We can't get any news in this field! All these humans keep trying to shear us!948
What do you mean 'How to get to the outpost'? Any intelligent penguin knows that.946
No, no, we'll tell you. You just deal with the Farmer.944
The sheep? But...They just wander around in this field all day. Trust us, we know.855
You have a good point. Yes, we must warn Pescaling Pax of this new threat. We'll put it in the report and you can give it to them.855
We think the Farmer may be an agent for the other side, trying to have us assassinated by all these foolish humans. If you investigate him for us, we can finish our mission report and you can go on your way.764
Well, off you go now!753
When you try and go through a guard will stop you and ask for the password.739
The password is cabbage. Don't forget it.684
Hello, I've just finished composing my latest poem. Would you like to hear it?303
King? I thought there was a duke, not a king.118
This is an amazing revelation. We must include it in our report. Thank you, we'll mention your bravery.116
Excellent! The humans an aficionado! Make yourself comfortable and I'll begin...109
What do you think you are doing? You can't even get the greeting right.66
Have you dealt with the Farmer?50
Well, don't just stand there!45
You again?34
You still have the original one. Go away.32
I wish I was a cow My life would be so simple I could lie around just eating grass And wonder if I was a pimple.31
How goes it, blade of grass? I'm glad you're not any thinner You should invite your friends around So I can have my dinner!25
T'was brillig and the slithey toathes Did gyre and gimbol in the wabe All mimsy were the borrowgroves And the mome raths outgrabe.25
Twinkle, twinkle little egg Wouldn't you like to grow some legs? And run around, on grass so green arguing with the milk and cream.24
The humans found some symbols And doesn't know what they mean So now it's cross-examining me And spoiling my routine!16
Well I thought it was funny.10
How now foolish cow? Do you read poetry, instead of pulling a plow?9
Huh, the cow's right. You humans have absolutely no understanding of art!8
Oh no! Cow's not talking to me!8
Do I look like I care?8
You klutz! Don't lose it this time.2