Greetings adventurer.42
Although archers like myself like to keep distance from our enemies, it's always good to have a bit of protection.27
I am a bit of a craftsman, I indeed made all these shields.24
It's very simple! First you'll need to be skilled in crafting and fletching, the exact details you can find in your skill guide.24
Of course! The more you know, the better!22
I have a flyer! It details all the shields and the resources needed for them.20
For every shield, you'll require some tools! A knife for fletching the wood and a hammer for crafting the shield.18
As for resources, you'll need 2 logs, 2 pieces of tanned leather and 15 nails.18
Stay protected adventurer, for it's dangerous out there.6
You already have a flyer. I've only so many left.4
My name is William! And I'll tell you this, I'm the best crossbowman this side of White Wolf Mountain.3
Couldn't tell you that myself, never been there.3
Oh this? Some wandering merchant came by recently, told me it was the stealthiest crossbow there was.3
Well, he told me it was his last one too, so I figured I'd give it a try.3
I bet!3