Hey you! What are you up to?1,866
I can see that! Why?1,847
OK. Password.942
Hmm...really? What for?941
Sorry to have kept you.901
Narnode? I don't believe you. He wouldn't send a human!851
Wow. I haven't seen one of these since...820
... since Glough used to visit.820
Anyway. Please step inside, Sir.392
Anyway. Please step inside, Miss.231
You have no idea!38
I've had enough of this!34
No time to talk we've a fleet to build!31
Breaking my back for pennies! It's just not on!31
Hello there. I haven't seen you before?30
What do you want?30
This is just the start! The completed fleet will be awesome!29
I like to keep busy.29
It needs to be. There's no other way to build a fleet of this size!29
Well it's hard work, but the pay is good.29
Are you serious?29
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise!28
Can I help you?27
Well there's plenty of work to be done, so if you don't mind...25
Too busy to waste time gossiping!25
What do you mean?24
Hello matey!24
Hello there, are you too lazy to work as well?23
I'm just sun bathing!23
Never 'erd of 'em.23
Get out of here before I give you a beating!23
.... 23
We need double the men to get this order out on time!22
This ain't a museum! Leave now!16
I cut my finger!16
That's ok, I'll use my shirt.15
Do you have a bandage?12
Well you're not on the list so you're not coming in. Go away.9
You do that!9
No you won't.8
I'm not starting that again. Maybe if I ignore you you'll go away...8
No. I can stand here all day.7