Thanks for returning the statuette. You have freed us of our curse. May you forever be considered a friend of Elidinis and her followers.562
Nothing someone like you would understand.343
Well with the moral standards of this town lately, I'm hardly surprised.341
That's a very valuable artefact. Keep your hands off it.83
That's the key to the holy chambers of the great and mighty Spirits of the Elid, and it's staying right there. There are other holy items about this building and keep your hands off them too, but most definitely keep your79
hands off the key. People already meddle too much with the affairs of the shrine.67
This is our local shrine to She.51
Such ignorance! I suppose I should come to expect it. People are forgetting the old ways of the desert around here. But then.. What do those bureaucratic fools in Menaphos expect! If they're going to take so long to50
She! Otherwise know as Elidinis, Goddess of growth and fertility, Lady of the river, Wife of Tumeken, Flower of the desert, Mother of Icthlarin.50
Be Careful in here and don't touch anything! There's some old and valuable artefacts around here. Careless outsiders.. you're always coming in and making a mess of things!42
send us a new priestess of She. Do you know we haven't had one for five years now!42
Yes, good don't.40
That is great news! I could kiss you, but they don't allow shrine custodians to engage in that sort of behaviour. You should put the statuette back on its plinth.18
Yes, that Saradominist priest brought a group of the villagers in here. Took it by force as far as I'm concerned. I'm not at all happy, standards have been slipping here for a while, but that was going too far.10
It's an insult to She!10
She! Elidinis! Goddess of growth and fertility! Lady of the River, Wife of Tumeken, Flower of the Desert. Mother of Icthlarin!10
Well you know I suspected that all along, but does anyone listen to me anymore? No! Well I'm impressed you've come to the same conclusion as me, maybe I underestimated you.10
I have to apologise. We've already had one outsider around stirring trouble, which caused this whole mess in the first place. I feared that you were coming to force your ways on us.10
Well I'm grateful, anything you can do to find the statuette would be appreciated.10
Thanks for %USERNAME%rning the statuette. You have freed us of our curse. May you forever be considered a friend of Elidinis and her followers.1