Can I help you at all?1,146
Um, yes, exotic surface goods... here, have a look at our wares...500
How about you?499
There you go!486
So, do you want to buy anything?482
Um... wood. It, er, grows on trees?462
Need something?76
Hello, bold adventurer! Can I interest you in some swords?63
Take a look.37
Good day lad. What can I do for you?26
Why yes, here is one of our finest swords.24
I also sell other weapons if you are interested.24
So, are you looking to buy weapons? King Lathas keeps us very well stocked.12
Good day lass. What can I do for you?12
Well, these folks digging up the island need some of your everyday things, so I offered to come along and offer my wares.11
Come back if you need any.5
So, are you looking to buy weapons? King Thoros keeps us very well stocked.4
I don't trust him, not after he's sent his men round to threaten us.2
I've had hammers, rakes, swords and even scissors waved at me!2
We'll carry on as normal with the store. Business as usual!2
Did you know, we've had four different thugs come round and threaten us if we don't join them.1
Can I interest you in anything?1
Of course, you left it here and I kept it for you.1