Answer this, please.1,485
Well done.1,484
Greetings outerlander.1,112
I saw the entire hunt. Let me take that talisman from you; I would be honoured to speak out for you to our council of elders after such a hunt, outerlander.889
What do you want outerlander?823
The Fremennik council of elders? I am pleased to say that I am. My value as a huntsman is recognised by my position there.819
You? ... well... I am not totally against the idea outerlander. If you can demonstrate some hunting skills then perhaps I may offer my vote.814
Chickens? You think that would impress me?814
No. The prey I have in mind for you to prove your worth to me is something far more dangerous. Far more difficult. Far more deadly.813
I suspect you are mocking me outerlander. You will need to prove your skill as a hunter to me by tracking and defeating... The Draugen.813
Hmmm. No, the words are slightly similar I suppose, but they are very different creatures.801
Well outerlander, should you accept my challenge I will show you a special hunter's trick that will help you. Do you accept the challenge?800
Not at all outerlander. The Draugen is indeed impossible to kill, but that is not the same as being impossible to fight against.794
Well met, outerlander. I see some hunting potential within you. Here, take my map, I was getting too dependent on it for my skill anyway.699
Every time he takes a Fremennik life, he gains in power, so to keep it from becoming too powerful we hunters hunt it and steal its life force.628
The Draugen is an evil ghost from Fremennik mythology, that devours the souls of those brave warriors who meet their ends at sea.618
I want you to track the Draugen, defeat it, and store its essence in that talisman for me. If you can do this important task for my clan, I will vote for you.575
It stalks the coastlines, invisible to all. It brings us bad fortunes, and curses our journeys across the seas. It is also unkillable by normal means.541
Take care of the talisman, and see me when you have completed this task.535
We do this with a special talisman. Here, take it; it will let you track the Draugen while it's invisible, and when you defeat it will absorb its essence.520
Well, of course I do. I wouldn't be much of a huntsman if I didn't know where to find my prey now, would I outerlander?347
Directions to my hunting grounds could mean the end of my livelihood. The only way I would be prepared to give them up would be...343
...a new string for my hunting bow. Not just any bowstring; I need a custom bowstring, balanced for my bow precisely to keep my hunt competitive.339
I have no idea. But then again, I'm happy with my old bowstring and being the only person who knows where my hunting ground is.333
Only in this way would I allow the knowledge of my hunting grounds to be passed on to strangers.270
Absolutely outerlander! Anyone brave enough to hunt and defeat the Draugen will be a great addition to our clan!135
Hello again to you %FREMENNIK_NAME%. How goes the hunt?93
That is fine, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. What type of armour were you looking for?81
You think so do you? The Draugen is always out there, just as I and my hunters are always on its trail to keep it at bay.72
The hunt will never end until I do.58
Hello again outerlander. Have you managed to hunt down the terrible Draugen yet?57
It will cost you 7,500 coins to make that for you. Is that acceptable?48
That should do for any hunter! Did you want another set of hunters legs?46
Hmmm. Laziness is not a trait that I admire. I suggest you go and do so if you wish me to vouchsafe for you to our council of elders.43
No idea at all outerlander.24
Did you even ASK Askeladden?18
And where is your proof of the hunt, outerlander? Without proof of the hunt it as though it never happened.18
Then bring it to me. I require the proof of the hunt.16
It will cost you 5,000 coins to make that for you. Is that acceptable?16
Ah, a fine helm for any hunter. Did you want me to make another for you?16
If I knew I would not have asked you to go and get me one, now would I?15
I do not speak to outerlanders. If you have anything of import to say, go and speak to the Chieftain.14
To defeat the Draugen you will need a special item; I have one to give you but it seems as though your inventory is too full to accept it.13
My apologies but I will need 2 pieces of dark dagger- mouth hide, 1 stretched hide and 7,500 coins to make you some leg armour...11
Leave now, before I get rid of you myself.9
No outerlander... it is hard to explain. That map makes my role as huntsman too easy. I fear my skills are becoming dulled. Now I must track my prey once more.9
Begone exile, before I call the Fremennik guards!9
To begin again from scratch... I feel this may keep me sharp.8
It will cost you 10,000 coins to make that for you. Is that acceptable?8
A fine piece of armour for any hunter! Did you want me to make you another?8
The typical careless regard for valuable objects I would expect from an outerlander such as yourself. Do not lose THIS one.7
Sorry, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. I will need 1 piece of dark dagger-mouth hide, 1 circular light dagger-mouth hide and 5,000 coins to make you a hunter's helmet.6
I'm sorry, you are our brother no more. I cannot help you. Leave, before I must call the guards.6
Leave exile, before I alert the guards.6
Begone exile, you're no brother to me.5
When you have them, I will still be here.4
AS you wish.4
An amateurish mistake, outerlander. Any hunt without the proof of it is naught but empty boasting. Take this and try once more.3