Ha Ha! Hello!30
It's really quite simple. Just walk down to that tree on the bank and chop it down.23
Then take your axe to it and shape it how you like!23
I'm Sigurd the Great and Brainy.14
Because I invented the Log Canoe!14
Yeash! Me and my cousins were having a great party by the river when we decided to have a game of 'Smack The Tree'13
It's a game were you take it in turnsh shmacking a tree. First one to uproot the tree winsh!13
Anyway, I won the game with a flying tackle. The tree came loose and down the river bank I went, still holding the tree.13
I woke up a few hours later and found myself several miles down river. And thatsh how I invented the log canoe!13
Well I refined the design from the original you know!13
I cut all the branches off to make it more comfortable. I could tell you how to if you like?12
You look like you know your way around a tree, you can make a Waka canoe.7
Well, you're pretty handy with an axe!6
You could make Stable Dugout canoes, like that snooty fella Tarquin.6
He reckons his canoes are better than mine. He's never said it to my face though.6
I've only ever seen Hari using them. People say he's found a way to canoe the river underground and into the Wilderness6
You could make a Dugout canoe with your woodcutting skill, but I don't see why you would want to.6
Hari hangs around up near Edgeville5
He's a nice bloke.5
You can make a log canoe like mine! It'll get you 1 stop down the river.3
There's some snooty fella down near the Champions Guild who reckons his canoes are better than mine. He's never said it to my face though.3
Well, you don't look like you have the skill to make a canoe.1
You need to have at least level 12 woodcutting.1
Once you are able to make a canoe it makes travel along the river much quicker!1