Ripper! Thanks a bundle, mate! Thanks to you I can fulfill me contract. You're a true blue! The boss will be pleased.4,857
G'day, mate. Got any new pyramid artefacts for me?3,558
Mind your own bizzo, mate. But if you get any more, you know where I am!2,216
Bonzer! Let's have a Butcher's mate.1,368
Do you want to flog the lot of 'em?1,215
Fair Dinkum mate, Bonzer doing business with you mate.1,196
I've been contracted to retrieve artefacts from the top of this magnificent pyramid.973
Well, it's me back - an old injury I picked up in Sophanem has come back to haunt me. I was working for the Museum of Varrock, and the gold I had been given wasn't enough to pay for the carpet rides, let962
G'day, mate. I'm Simon - Simon Templeton. Who are you?952
That's what set off the injury. I was fine before I scrabbled down that pesky slope. I think it will be a while before I can climb back up again; I must be getting old.948
Good on ya, mate!940
alone any decent equipment. But that was a long time ago... I can't even lift a chisel right now. There's no way I can climb all the way up there.701
Hang on a second... You look like you're pretty agile and up for a challenge. How about you retrieve it for me?681
I'll tell you what, I'll give you 10000 coins for every artefact you get for me.674
G'day, %USERNAME%.609
Not bad, mate, not bad at all. Got any artefacts for me?561
You wanna sell that mate?424
Cheers mate!419
That's a nice looking artefact you got there mate. Gimme a chat and lemme explain what these are all about first!307
You sellin' me this gold coloured stick thing. Looks fake to me. I'll give you 100 gold for it.236
Strewth! I can tell a pile of croc when I hear it! You've got the patter mate, but I'm no mug. That's a fake.215
Oh, magical powers ... yeah, yeah, yeah. Heard it all before mate. I'll give you a 100 gold, or some 'magic beans'. Take it or leave it.198
Suit yerself.. You wanna sell the other artefacts you have?185
Well, keep my offer in mind if you do find one.103
Bye, mate.79
Bye, cobber.36
Try harder, mate! It won't be long till some other critter turns up and snatches them out from under your eyes.35
No probs mate. Just give me the items you want to sell and we can do them one by one.18
Careful, mate, people might come looking for a thing like that!9
Suit yerself.. 3