Are you another one of those 'holier than thou' fools wanting to redeem themselves?472
Really? Finally, something worthwhile.471
Oh, there's money in it. I just don't get invited to many parties.470
He'll know it's a lie. But I do need the cash, so I'll do it. Gimme 40 gold coins and you'll be as trustworthy as a newborn.470
Oh, that old fart? Is he still around? Humph. I dunno if I can be bothered.467
Fine. I declare you trustworthy, if you consider bribing a seer a trustworthy transaction.416
You got me all excited about evil plots, and now it's just a matter of trust. I really can't be bothered to strain myself on that account.372
Give this note to Khazard, it will prove you have been to see me.353
So, whom are you trying to hook up with? Dark priest? Warlord? Penguin?349
It was fun messing with those devotees the first few times but, after a while, condemning people to an eternity of damnation gets a bit dull.343
Augh! Your sins! They BLIND me!213
Ooooh, you're going to learn of his plans and stab him in the back?44
Fine, give me 40 gold coins and I'll take a look at your sins.44
You have done many great deeds...but many terrible deeds. Sometimes you do them by accident, but they are still sins. No, I would not trust you to walk my dog.33
I'm going to have to give you a note to verify that I have read your sins, but it appears you don't have enough space to carry it. Clear some space, then I'll read your sins.19
Sorry, you don't have enough money.14
Whatcha lookin' at, chicken legs? Don't you have a General you should speak to?13
You already have one. Get on with you!1