Arrgh! WHAT is that GHASTLY smell??? I think I will move over here instead...1,519
My doctor told me to take up ein velaxing hobby. Vhen I am stressed I tend to get ein little..103
Just because I can't stand ze smell ov garlic und I don't like bright sunlight doesn't necessarily mean I'm ein vampyre!90
My name iz Vlad. I come from far avay, vere the sun iz not so bright.73
I think you will find that is my spot.46
I tsink I may do zat soon...35
Uurrggh! Get zat horrible tsing avay from me! How do people like to eat zat stuff? I can't stand even to be near it for tsen zeconds!30
I like this place. I like to savour the aroma coming from these pipes.21
Luck haz notsing to do vith it it is all in ze technique.16
It is vonderful! Ze vomen are beautiful und ze nights are long!14