Hello, friend!3,143
Do get a move on!1,079
Did we invite you?1,056
You have??? Then you must have some proof of your encounter!1,018
Well hand it over then, and let's see it!1,001
Now that you are a White Knight I should perhaps explain a little about how our system works.993
Sadly we are not as rich as we once were, and there are many White Knights who foolishly lose their combat equipment.989
Quests, eh? Well, I don't have anything on the go at the moment, but there is an organisation that is always looking for capable adventurers to assist them.976
I am the leader of the White Knights of Falador. Why do you seek my audience?964
Well, I need some spy work doing but it's quite dangerous. It will involve going into the Black Knights' fortress.929
I am afraid our charter prevents us using espionage in any form, that is the domain of the Temple Knights.922
That information is classified. I am forbidden to share it with outsiders. 919
Well, the Black Knights have started making strange threats to us; demanding large amounts of money and land, and threatening to invade Falador if we don't pay them.919
Erm, well, this is a little embarrassing, I already HAVE put you forward as a potential member.917
Yes, we have just received a message from the Black Knights saying they withdraw their demands, which would seem to confirm your story.911
Absolutely right. Please accept this reward.911
Well that's good. Don't get too overconfident though.907
Good luck! Let me know how you get on. Here's the dossier for the case, I've already given you the details.903
We do not think it fair to make a profit from our brethren, so we will sell you equipment at cost, and rebuy it at the same cost, but we will only sell equipment to those we consider responsible enough to881
You are supposed to be looking for Solus Dellagar!869
wield it correctly.829
By killing Black Knights, you will increase your reputation with us, by killing White Knights we will obviously think less of you.791
You can check your White Knight reputation level by looking at your quest journal for the Wanted! Quest, or Sir Vyvin will let you know what level you are at when you go to purchase equipment.788
Sir Vyvin can be found in Falador Castle, and he will sell you any equipment appropriate to your reputation level.776
Have fun, and go kill some Black Knights for me!776
A weapon perhaps, or an item of clothing?740
Would you like me to put your name forwards to them?704
Your excellent work sorting out those Black Knights means I will happily write you a letter of recommendation.697
The insane magician who is loose once more upon these lands? Remember?682
You've come along at just the right time actually. All of my knights are already known to the Black Knights.677
They are called the Temple Knights, and you are to meet Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador park for testing immediately.672
But they claim to have a powerful new secret weapon.637
Subtlety isn't exactly our strong point.612
Now, NORMALLY this wouldn't be a problem...607
If we are agreed that the threat is real, may I suggest we get to work on solving it rather than bickering amongst ourselves.591
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to infiltrate their fortress, find out what their secret weapon is, and then sabotage it.584
Indeed. Boats do not do well against dragons.562
I assume you mean all these dragons that have been flying around. Do you know something?512
I thought all the dragonkin were dead!512
Very well, I shall head to Varrock. Thank you for passing on this message.511
History says they are a formidable enemy. Do you have a plan to combat this threat?510
Hello there. What can I do for you?509
I haven't the faintest idea. Good luck!344
Very well then; In the name of King Valence, and for the honour of Saradomin, I now pronounce you a fully deputised White Knight.342
Well, I did have something you may have been interested in, but I've been given orders not to-313
I'm not sure I understand... You wish to desert the Temple Knights in favour of my own humble White Knights?310
I'm sorry, did you say something just then?306
... Well anyway, for the fine work you achieved at that incident in the Black Knights Fortress, I would be honoured to accept you as my Squire.305
Thank Saradomin you have come back here!304
Please, I implore you in the name of all that is holy, assist us in banishing him from our kingdom once more!287
We have received word from one of our scouts that the evil Solus Dellagar has returned to Asgarnia!279
May honour and glory follow you in every action.279
I cannot bear to think of the troubles he may bring us...278
What is worse, it seems he is in possession of dangerous new magics that we are powerless against!269
So what do you say?252
Well, a fine adventurer such as yourself would be a perfect candidate as a deputy in my eyes, but fortunately this can only be done in a time of crisis, and all is currently well.200
You are a strange one %USERNAME%...200
That is entirely correct %USERNAME%, but I have no idea where you may have heard that, for it is a secret guarded only to members of our order!197
Well %USERNAME%, now that you are a White Knight, I expect you should be out there hunting Black Knights for us!154
Yes, yes in fact I do. I would like you to bring me an Asgarnian Ale.107
That is 'Sir Amik' or 'My Liege' - not 'Boss'.99
No matured Ale, no other brand, simply an Asgarnian Ale.92
As you wish, from this day forth you are my Squire!80
No, I am afraid not. I suggest you go meet Sir Tiffy in Falador Park, he will be expecting you.68
Well, I did have something you may have been interested in, but I've been given orders not to approach you for trivial matters now that you are a member of the Temple Knights.55
How's the mission going?54
I can not tell you much... They are called the Temple Knights, and are an organisation that was founded by Saradomin personally many centuries ago.49
Well, keep at it! Falador's future is at stake!45
There are many rumours and fables about their works and actions, but official records of their presence are non-existent.44
Let me put it this way; Should you decide to take them up on their generous offer to join, you will find yourself in an advantageous position that many in this world would envy, and that43
few are called to occupy.42
You have not heard of the infamous murder-mage? He terrorised these lands many years past, thinking himself above the law with his powerful enchantments, but the White Knights finally managed to bring him to42
It is a secret organisation of extraordinary power and resourcefulness...41
Kill an unarmed foe? That is not the way of Saradomin, nor of the White Knights.41
I did not say that. I did not say that at all. That is against all of our codes of honour.41
So will you aid us in this fight?41
However, should you find yourself in combat with him, and there is no other way, then perhaps for him to die would be best for us all.36
You will spend the next five years of your life running various errands for me.36
Not as such, no. Unless you consider killing time by running errands fun...?36
So what say you %USERNAME%? Spend five long years of your life doing pointless busywork without pay for me, on the off chance that at some point in the future I may put your name forward36
To tell you the truth, I fear that I would be unable to guarantee his captivity in any holding cell belonging to us...35
You understand me, %USERNAME%?34
justice and he was permanently exiled.33
As for imprisonment... Solus is a highly dangerous man not just because of his mastery of the magical arts, but for his uncanny resourcefulness.33
If I consider you to have done a more than adequate job of this, then I will begin to consider possibly moving your name forwards to becoming a full-fledged member of the Order of the White Knights.32
As Saradomin has told us, 'a good deed is its own reward'.30
Nothing tangible, no, but you will be deputised to act as a White Knight, and you will feel a warm glow inside of having done the right thing.30
Here's the dossier on the case.30
as a novice White Knight?30
Why, you will help keep Asgarnia free of malicious influence, and perform a good deed in the name of King Vallance and of the White Knights!29
So what say you %USERNAME%? Fight with honour in the name of the White Knights against the terrible Solus?29
Well, I DO have a task, but it is very dangerous, and it's critical to us that no mistakes are made. I couldn't possibly let an unexperienced adventurer like yourself undertake it.24
%USERNAME%... Solus Dellagar is still loose... Please, for the safety of my lands you must find him immediately...19
We have no idea where he might be now... His magic is too powerful for us, I do not know how to stop him...18
Sorry adventurer, my orders are very clear. Sir Vey could make things very difficult for me if I were to disobey his orders.17
Nothing I can think of at the moment...16
Look, I am very sorry %USERNAME%, but if you have no proof of your encounter, I can hardly promote you to be a full White Knight, now can I?15
I am sure he will let you know should your services be required again.15
I... suppose spy work DOES involve a little hiding in corners.14
Oh. You don't appear to have any room for the dossier in your inventory. Come back when you do.11
It is a tragedy to hear you speak so, but we must trust in our valour and the wisdom of Saradomin to protect us from this evil man if we cannot enlist help against him.10
Hello there. I will be leaving for Varrock soon.7
You don't want to be a Temple Knight anymore?6
But you are wearing their armour!6
Only to become my Squire. Do you wish to become my squire?6
Don't forget to read that dossier of information I gave you.6
Thank Saradomin, no! We have not had a crisis for many years now!5
Come see me again if you change your mind.4
Ok. Please don't break anything.3
Call me Sir Amik, or liege.3
Well, another Asgarnian Ale would be greatly appreciated. And stop calling me Boss.3
Well bring it here so that I can authenticate your claim and make you a White Knight!2
A potion of invincibility? That is grave news indeed. If you can sabotage it somehow, you will be very well paid.2
I am afraid I cannot authorise you to become a white knight unless under a situation of dire circumstance. Assisting us on a freelance basis will be well worth your time however and you will have my personal gratitude.2
There is of course also the financial recompense as I said.2
That is entirely correct ------------, but I have no idea where you may have heard that, for it is a secret guarded only to members of our order!1
You are a strange one ------------...1
You understand me, ------------?1