How are you going to get all of us out of here?195
May I help you?78
I already gave you everything I had in my pockets.53
You just let me at them. We'll see how they like surprise attacks.27
That is what we were hoping for from you, adventurer!26
I am afraid not. Would that we could! Mordred and his cronies have been thorns in our side for far too long already!24
Take care adventurer, Mordred is an evil and powerful foe.24
In the amount of time it will take you to spell out Round Table Knights, you could have found the Grail.20
Thank you for your assistance in our time of need.10
Um... it's a really good sword?5
Nope, sorry.5
We are true knights who fight for honour. Those Black Knights didn't fight fair, so we were unprepared. Most unchivalrous of them.4
Let me out! Let me out, I say!4
All Knights of the Round thank you for your assistance in this trying time for us.2
Fortune favours us both then adventurer. I suggest you go and speak to King Arthur.1
You are looking for the Grail now adventurer?1
The best of luck to you! Make the name of Camelot proud, and bring it back to us.1