Good day to you sir!1,074
I would guess this is the work of the evil Morgan Le Faye!997
She lives in her stronghold to the south of here, guarded by some renegade knights led by Sir Mordred.993
No, you've got me stumped there...822
Good day to you madam!620
I'm a little stumped myself. We've tried opening it with anything and everything!417
How are you going to get all of us out of here?270
It is the least I can do.165
I already gave you everything I had in my pockets.158
Well, I would have thought picking the lock was really the best way, but I don't have the knowledge or tools to do it.32
No, my revenge will be my own. You must retrieve the Holy Grail!24
Isn't it terrible what happened to King Arthur? He was turned to stone before my eyes! I have failed him, I am not worthy of being his knight. To allow such lowlifes to take Camelot right from under our noses...18
It's unforgivable.17
The king is the man to talk to if you want a quest.15
I think you've done the main quest we were on right now...14
The Grail? That is truly a noble quest indeed. None but Galahad have come close.6
He used to be one of the Knights of the Round Table, but he mysteriously disappeared many years ago.6
Unfortunately not, adventurer.6
Sad is the day when the Round Table Knights fail their King.6
That is a good question.4
I'm afraid I don't have the answer.3