Please enter the answer to the question.3,412
I have a question for you.3,370
A valiant effort!1,008
How are you going to get all of us out of here?213
Good morrow sirrah!168
I already gave you everything I had in my pockets.141
Good morrow madam!75
Unfortunately not, Sirrah.59
We owe you a great debt for freeing us from that dungeon.54
I am well aware of that, adventurer.50
'Tis a magick most powerful and foul.45
The only person I know of who would possibly have been of help is Merlin...42
No, try again.41
I saw a grate high up on the wall of the cell. I think someone could slip through that, but I'm not sure how they would reach it.28
Mordred... So you think he may be involved with the curse upon Merlin?27
I think that you may be onto something there. Unfortunately his fortress is impregnable!27
They shall pay for what they have done.25
An adventurer eh? There is no service finer than serving the bountiful King Arthur, and I happen to know there's an important quest to fulfill.16
I will wreak havoc upon those worthless Sinclairs. Betraying their father's wishes like that, it's despicable.14
Sir Knight! Many thanks for your assistance in restoring Merlin to his former freedom!9
I shall avenge Arthur for this misdeed!6
I hear you are questing for the Holy Grail?!4