Greetings! I am Sir Lancelot, the greatest Knight in the land! What do you want?1,485
That stronghold is built in a strong defensive position.1,000
It's on a big rock sticking out into the sea.773
There are two ways in that I know of, the large heavy front doors, and the sea entrance, only penetrable by boat. They get all their deliveries by boat from Catherby.650
How are you going to get all of us out of here?413
Well, if the Knights of the Round Table can't manage it, I can't see how a commoner like you could succeed where we have failed.347
I have every right to be proud of myself.87
I already gave you everything I had in my pockets.74
My prowess in battle is world renowned!71
No, but when we do, I'm going to make those Black Knights black and blue all over.29
How dare you attempt to imprison the greatest knight in the land? Have at thee!13
I could have taken all of them on! Those Black Knights wouldn't stand a chance against me, the greatest knight in the land.12
They attacked while I was in the bath. What was I to do?12
Hey, are you laughing at me, the greatest knight in the land?11
Humph. You are indeed a better knight than I first suspected.10
Hmmm. I heard you freed Merlin. Either you're better than you look or you got lucky. I think the latter.5
Leave questing to the professionals.3
I'll make them pay for what they've done to King Arhtur.3
Such as myself.2
The Grail? Ha! Frankly, little man, you're not in that league.2
You got lucky with freeing Merlin but there's no way a puny wannabe like you is going to find the Holy Grail where so many others have failed.2