I'm afraid not. I didn't have anything with me when we were captured.506
Hello there adventurer.173
How are you going to get all of us out of here?112
I've tried all the weapons I can find, yet none are powerful enough to break his crystal prison...82
The Lady of the Lake is looking after it I believe... but I know not where she resides currently.82
Perhaps the mighty Excalibur would be strong enough...65
Please, no questions. I am in mourning for our King.26
So... you think Mordred's behind this? I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions...21
That was a grand adventure. I can see why you make it your profession.14
Please, don't ask me any questions. I am still too upset from our defeat at the hands of those treacherous Sinclairs.11
How would I do that when I'm holding a sword? Leave me to the fighting, you find the Holy Grail!10
I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions...10
Talk to the King then adventurer. He is always looking for men of bravery to aid him in his actions.5
How could this have happened to us?4
Congratulations on freeing Merlin!3