Greetings friend, and welcome here, you'll find my puzzle not so clear. Hidden amongst my words, it's true, the password for the door as a clue.638
Your wit is sharp, your brains quite clear; You solved my puzzle with no fear. At puzzles I rank you quite the best, now enter the portal for your next test.542
More than words, i have not for you Except the things i say today. Aware are you, this is a clue? Take note of what i say!108
This riddle of mine may confuse, I am quite sure of that. Mayhap you should closely peruse Every word i have spat?106
Feel the aching of your mind In puzzlement, confused. See the clue hidden behind His words, as you perused.105
Look closely at the words i speak; And study closely every part. See for yourself the word you seek Trapped for you if you're smart.105
Better than me, you'll not find In rhyming and in puzzles. This clue so clear will tax your mind Entirely as it confuzzles!93
Rare it is that you will see A puzzle such as this! In many ways it tickles me Now, watching you hit and miss!84
It's sad to say, this test beat you. I'll send you to Tiffy, what to do?79
Before you hurry through that door Inspect the words i spoke. There is a simple hidden flaw Ere you think my rhyme a joke.13
Last time my puzzle did not help Apparently, so you've bidden. Study my speech carefully, whelp To find the answer, hidden.13
Repetition, once again Against good sense it goes. In my words, the answers plain Now that you see rhyme flows.11
First my clue you did not see, I really wish you had. Such puzzling wordplay devilry Has left you kind of mad!9
Twice it is now, i have stated In a rhyme, what is the pass. Maybe my words obfuscated Entirely beyond your class.9
Many types have passed through here Even such as you amongst their sort. And in the end, the puzzles clear; The hidden word you saught.7
Lo! my final speech is now Attended to by you. Study my words, and find out how To understand my clue!3
Betrayed by words the answer is In that what i say is the key There is no more help after this Especially no more from me.2
Repeat myself to give the clue Again, i now do speak. It's hidden in my words - hey you! Now find the answer you seek.2
Three times now, my riddle said; I hope you finally see the clue. Maybe think on what you've read; Easy when you know what to do.1
Maybe i will do my best; Especially at giving clues. Attempt to help you pass the test! That should help me pay my dues.1
For the last time i will state In simple words, the clue. Such tricky words make you irate Having no idea what to do...1