Ah, welcome %USERNAME%.1,253
Well, your task is to take this fox, this chicken and this bag of grain across that bridge there to the other side of the room.964
Well, it is not quite as simple as that may sound.885
When you have done that, your task is complete.791
Firstly, you may only carry one of the objects across the room at a time, for the bridge is old and fragile.705
one of them will be eaten, and you will be unable to complete the test.677
Secondly, the fox wants to eat the chicken, and the chicken wants to eat the grain. Should you ever leave the fox unattended with the chicken, or the grain unattended with the chicken, then655
No... I am very sorry. Apparently you are not up to the challenge. I will return you where you came from, better luck in the future.110
I am afraid not, %USERNAME%. My task is solely to observe your progress, we have explicit instructions not to assist you in any way..15
I am truly sorry, but my hands are tied. I suggest you think carefully before taking any items across the bridge with you, to ensure nothing gets eaten while you are not paying attention.13
This is the only help I may give you...13
Ah, well done on solving my puzzle %USERNAME%!7
Ah, welcome ------------.1