Greetings, traveller.71
Oh, she's Lord Crombwick's wife and the first victim of the Sleeper Plague.54
The ruler of this place. He lives in his manor, to the north.52
Still in his manor. He hasn't left since she fell ill.52
No one knows. The place looks like a mess and some say they've seen vampyres lurking.52
These are the masks of the Sisterhood. While symbolic, they also have practical uses.31
Herbs can be stored within the beak, masking the smell of death and preventing us from becoming infected.29
You ask too many questions.29
It's a no. To wear a mask of the Sisterhood, you need to join the Sisterhood.29
An ancient order, born right here in Slepe.29
You lack the qualities we're currently looking for. Perhaps another time.29
Be safe, traveller.23
Many years ago, the Sisterhood were a group of healers dedicated to Saradomin.9
However, our leader, a justiciar known as Phosani, saw the truth in Saradomin's teachings and turned away from his false light.9
Phosani embraced the glory of Zamorak and most of our order did the same. After that, she became known as the Inquisitor, though our order refers to her as 'Mother'.9
After the order reached enlightenment through Zamorak, we made our home in an abandoned hermitage. Over time, that hermitage grew into the town you see today.9
They were shown the error of their ways through fire and blood.9