Excellent! I was thinking I was going to freeze out here!1,020
Ahhhhhhhhhhgh! That's cold! Are you trying to kill me?1,019
Well, Slayer Masters sell these highly volatile potions for killing underwater creatures.1,018
A Mogre is a type of Ogre that spends most of its time underwater.1,018
No, no.1,018
I wish you wouldn't go looking for them. Those vicious killers will tear you apart.1,017
Not so loud...I think I have a hangover...1,013
Hey! A little sympathy here?1,013
Yes! That's the stuff!1,002
No. But I could do with a bowl of tea to warm myself up a bit. Go grab me one and we'll talk.998
Nettle for preference. Just make sure it's hot.990
Inc'hearnt? Inc'herant! yer fancy book- lernin' words. You'd be more than inc'herant if youd seen...952
(Dramatic pause)813
And don't throw it at me!763
Owwowwoww... must remember not to shout...762
Look, I do know a hangover cure. If you can get me a bucket of the stuff I think I'll be ok.761
It's all becoming clear to me now...750
Dramatic Pause...744
Much better...737
If you don't feel like lobbing a net about all day you can use them to fish with...732
They hunt giant mudskippers by wearing their skins and swimming close until they can attack them.732
But this time I was startled by what I thought was a giant mudskipper.730
I was fishing using a Fishing Explosive...729
But if you are set on finding these Mogres just head south from here until you find Mudskipper Point.728
When I used the Fishing Explosive I scared off all the fish, and so the Mogre got out of the water to express its extreme displeasure.716
My addiction to almost-lethal alcohol did that.705
What it was, infact, was a...704
A Mogre!702
With an iron mace.683
Yeah? Yeah? Well when THEY come floppin' into your house and eat your furniture you'll be sorry!419
They! Those bloodthirsty, flesh-tearing devils! They are the reason I'm out here every day hurlin' bottles into the sea! 403
Aye, Mudskippers! Those ferocious, ravening, evil, beady-eyed terrors of the deep!396
I was ambushed by them way back, see. They got the drop on me...I can't remember where, somewhere around here though.392
Aye! The mudskippers! Huge they were! Ten feet of glistening, muddy flesh floppin' towards me with white foam flying from their gnashing fangs!392
Shut yer' word-hole and listen! I can't remember all the details, as I'm sure they must have hit me quite hard, but the last thing I remember before it all went black...390
No you don't! You think I'm crazy, like all the rest! Well, if I'm crazy, how did I get these?387
I can't remember... I've been drinking to forget the horror, and all I seem to have forgotten is where it all happened...387
You'll have a job. I've been drinking this for a week.386
It's the extra sheep tranquilizers that gives it that added kick!386
They are the reason I've lost everything, except the horrifying memory of what THEY look like...335
I fought them up and down the beach, with the tide rising and more of them leaping towards me with cutlasses drawn!325
...was one of those devils rearing over me, its eyes glowin' red with the fires of hell!315
Egad! Don't you know not to shout around a guy with a hangover?268
Ahhhhhg...No more shouting for me...247
Gaah! Don't drench me again!240
So what are you here for then?238
What is it anyway?192
Hey you!112
Go south to Mudskipper Point and lob a Fishing Explosive into the sea. You can grab them from the Slayer masters.108
Well, I was planning on continuing my hobby of wandering up and down this bit of coastline, bellowing random threats and throwing bottles.89
Well, good luck with that!79
And you?66
Do you wanna skip the Tutorial?62
Right on. I'll read you the official messages first, then send you on your way. Ahem...56
Prepare yourself!50
When you arrive on the mainland you will be a Deadman. If you die when skulled or if you are killed by another Deadman you will lose the most valuable items from your bank.49
You will also lose some of your experience. The amount varies depending on a few factors.48
For more information, speak to Nigel in the Lumbridge graveyard. You may choose where to begin - where would you like to start?44
Well, I'm still wet, still cold and still waiting on that nettle tea.21
Before we get going, if you could be so kind to let me know how much experience you have with Old School Runescape, that would be wonderful!18
Wonderful! Thank you.15
Add the chocolate powder to the milk, then add the snape grass.12
Then bring it here and I will drink it.10
Give me strength...Here's what you do. Pay attention!9
You take a bucket of milk, a bar of chocolate and some snape grass.9
A bucket of milk with chocolate ground into it, with a handful of snape grass thrown in on top.8
Take a bucket of milk, a bar of chocolate and some snape grass.8
Thanks! Now I have two right boots!7
Grind the chocolate with a pestle and mortar.6
The end, and we all live happily ever after. Got it?6
Grind the chocolate with a mortar and pestle.6
Are you likely to remember that or should I go get some crayons and draw you a picture?5
Sure. You'll find me all over this island. Ask me again any time you like.4
My name's Skippy. Normally I live down by Rimmington. You should come and see me when you're passing.2
Just lately the Council wants to let people skip the Tutorial, so - ha ha ha - they dump the job on Skippy. Bah!2
So, anyway, do you want to skip the Tutorial?2
Hey %USERNAME%, you finally got around to naming me.1