I do not thinke thou understand the depths of the darkness you have unleashed upon the world. To dub it in such a scintillant manner is offensive to mine being.407
Dark forces of which ye know nought have deemed that this is my geas.330
*Sighs* Nae. But thine is well and truly cooked.295
I am spawned of darkness. I am filled with darkness. I am darkness incarnate and to darkness I will return.205
Nothing. Ye are already tainted in my sight by the acts of light. However there may be some hope for you if you continue to aid the darkness.197
Knowest thou not of the cursed place? Knowest thou not about the future yet to befall your puny race?185
Do not bring that foul and repellant thing near mine self.176
Then it is good that ye can laugh in the face of the end.168
*Sighs* The darkness giveth, and the darkness taketh.158
I told thee to keep thy filthy light away from me!6