Ohh... That's a nice fish. Very pleased. Here. Take the bowstring. You fulfilled agreement. only fair I do same. Good work outerlander.649
Aye, I have a few in stock. What would an outerlander be wanting with equipment like that?283
For Sigli eh? Well, I made his bow in the first place, so I'll be able to select the right string for you... just one small problem.279
This string you'll be wanting... Very rare. Take a lot of time to recreate. Not sure you have the cash for it.278
Heh. Good thinking outerlander. Well, it's true, there is more to life than just making money. Making weapons is good money, but it's not why I do it.278
I'll tell you what. I heard a rumour that one of the fishermen down by the docks caught some weird looking fish as they were fishing the other day.228
From what I hear this fish is unique. Nobody's ever seen its like before. This intrigues me. I'd like to have it for myself. Make a good trophy.226
You get me that fish, I give you the bowstring. What do you say? We got a deal?214
Hello again %FREMENNIK_NAME%. Come to see what's for sale?57
I never saw anything like that in my store before.54
No. Weapons are my speciality. Not politics.50
No problem, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. What armour you want?21
There you go. Sturdy armour. You need another piece?10
What? There's another one?9
Ah. I see. I already told you. Some guy down by the docks was bragging. Best ask there, I reckon.7
It'll cost 10,000 coins. That ok?7
It'll cost 5,000 coins. That ok?6
There you go. Fine helm. You want another?6
It'll cost 7,500 coins. That ok?5
Not hard. Just a trick to it. Takes skill to learn, but when learnt, easy. Sigli will be happy. Finest bowstring on continent. Will suit his needs perfectly.4
Sorry. I can't sell weapons to outerlanders. Wouldn't be right. Against our beliefs.3
Come back when you got it.2
Apologies. Need 3 pieces of dark dagger-mouth hide, 1 rock-shell shard and 10,000 coins to make you strong armour.2
Sorry. Need 1 piece of dark dagger-mouth hide, 1 rock-shell chunk and 5,000 coins to make you helmet.1
Apologies. Need 2 pieces of dark dagger-mouth hide, 1 rock-shell splinter and 7,500 coins to make you leg armour.1
Hello again Darkal Rockcrusher. Come to see what's for sale?1
AS you wish.1