WHAT? This is the last straw. My father wore a beard, my father's father wore a beard; many generations of Fremennik have worn beards with pride, without having to worry whether his pride and joy677
Oh, thanks a lot 'friend'. What is it this time?673
No more! This is an outrage!669
But we only paid our Island Tax last week!644
What? 644
*sigh* It seems a lot of money for some windows.611
*sigh* How much do you want?506
would cost him money. A beard is the core of a Fremennik's identity, it is the gateway to his soul, it is...498
That's not right. I'm not paying you that much!15
You do not need to collect taxes from me this time. Begone with you!15
What? Can't you count? I'm not paying my tax to someone who can't count.12
Oh, hello again. Want to buy some weapons?2
Is there anything else I can help you with?2
How did it go on Neitiznot? You should report to our King.1
You look lovely in that outfit.1