Ahhh, hello there, %USERNAME%.838
Ah, but I can see you are already as strong as is possible! Perhaps you have come to me to purchase a Cape of Strength, and thus join the elite few who have mastered this exacting skill?629
Hmm, yes, you certainly look strong enough. That'll be 99000 gold coins, please.597
As an additional recognition of your achievement, the Cape of Strength can teleport you to our guild.557
Excellent! Wear that cape with pride my friend.467
Of course! Here you go, you've earned %NUMBER% tokens!207
Not at all; there are many other adventurers who would love the opportunity to purchase such a prestigious item! You can find me here if you change your mind.58
Ahh, the shot put is a great test of strength and can be quite rewarding. Mind you do it properly though, you might want to dust your hands with some powdery substance first. It'll give better grip.50
I personally prefer ground ashes, it makes a nice fine powder and gives some really good grip.43
I'm afraid you have not earned any tokens yet. Try some of the activities around the guild to earn some.42
Basically you'll need to go in there, make sure you've got nothing cluttering up your hands, pick up a shot and throw it.... depending upon your technique, you can get quite long throws.40
Ahh that would be telling...35
Most certainly, and free of charge!33
Yes indeed it is. Have to be mighty strong to wield it too.29
Maybe, maybe not, but I still had to beat a Barbarian to get it. Mind you, usually they don't part with them. This was an unusual circumstance.27
I bet him he couldn't catch a squirrel whilst still holding his axe but that I could... and that if I won I'd get his axe.27
He went running after the squirrel... nearly caught it too... it shot up a tree and he tried to climb up it, only got a bit tangled up with his axe cause he couldn't hang on to it at the same time... he fell out of the tree and it26
Aye indeed. Brawn isn't all you need to wield a big axe, brains are required too!23
was my turn....22
I simply went and chopped the tree down with this big old axe, still holding it. The squirrel was so petrified it simply jumped straight out of the tree onto me, I won the axe and let the poor creature go!22
Sure. You can buy a skillcape when you reach level 99 in a skill. Apart from boosting your statistics in that skill, they can also be used to perform some pretty amazing emotes!9
The Cape of Strength also provides you with unlimited teleports to our guild. Is there anything else you would like to know?9
Be well, warrior %USERNAME%.8
Well, come back and see me when you do.3
Unfortunately all Skillcapes are only available with a free hood, it's part of a skill promotion deal; buy one get one free, you know. So you'll need to free up some inventory space before I can sell you one.2
You don't have space to carry them.1