Isn't it obvious? *Wheezes*518
*Joe splutters a few times, but finally clears his throat.516
*After two attempts Joe gets his breath back Joe eventually manages to speak.* 505
That's .....492
Ahhh that's better. Ooohhh boy, *Joe takes a deep breath.*487
Try the stairs into the basement of the 'Laughing Miner'. A grand watering hole it is.486
Ahh sure wasn't it years of blowing smoke into rat holes that has done this to me? *Wheeze* That and probably the pipe I used to smoke. *Wheeze*484
*Gulp* You offered to help me.482
That's sim... bluaaghhaha... simple. Take this pot light the contents and blow the smoke into the hole.481
Look for 'The Face' in Port Sarim. She'll show you.480
Why of course! Where else would us ratcatchers train our wily cats?479
They're quite nice, but just don't compare with what they have in Port Sarim.478
*The dwarf looks sceptically at you.*475
You're right. *Wheeze* With my lungs in their current state I just can't take chances.472
Ahheem, ahh ahh, *Splutters* 470
Well good show. Good *Wheeze* Bluaaghhaha. *Wheeze* good show. 415
Bluaaghhaha! Sorry about that. 389
I'd better show you our rat pits here in Keldagrim.383
I'm trying to smoke these pesky rats out. Bluaaghhaha.379
*Wipes some phlegm from the corner of his mouth.*376
Anyway I'm trying to get rid of these rats, but my lungs just aren't up for it like they used to be. Bluaaghhaha.373
*Joe breaks into another bout of coughing.*360
Just take a simple pot, stick some garden weeds in it. Light it and then use it on a rat hole.341
No, I don't need such trinkets. See these ears? I can tune them to any language I like.331
I just don't think you've got the ears for it.331
Ya well that's not too difficult, it's just really a case of trial and error and being a good mimic. Tuning your ears is the hardest part.329
Have you got that job done yet?88
Aheeh ah, *Takes deep breath.* Well maybe there's hope for them yet. I appreciate your help hugely.72
An extra pair of eyes or set of claws can often come in handy.62
Help me out and I can show you into the ratpits here in Keldagrim.61
Joe just shakes his head.54
Try the stairs into the basement of the 'Laughing Miner'. A grand watering hole it is. My cat should be standing next to it.33
Well what do you want to know?3
Here take this, you might find it useful2
You should wear an amulet of catspeak. It will allow you to organise tactics with your cat.2
Well, that depends on your outlook, whether you're ready to risk your cat's life or not and how defensive or aggressive you want your cat to be.2
Do you have any other questions about the pits?2
Ah the sisters, as strange a pair as you're ever likely to meet.2
You're most likely to find them in the sewers of Varrock.2
In that case you are left with two choices.1
You could go for all out attack which will boost your cat's attack and strength, but weaken it1
In that case you should tell your cat, 'Go berserk!'1
It depends on what kind of cat you have.1
In the Keldagrim pits, your cat will grow wiser by gaining more experience.1
What a tragedy, that girl.1
Look for her in Port Sarim.1