Have you got the goat dung?1,107
My Arm, %USERNAME%, Old Man, we are going to get out of here, and punish my father for what he has done.1,051
My Arm, what do you think, dear?1,015
Good. Now please fetch us some goat dung. You should find some in the goat pen outside. Meanwhile I need to assign some of my trolls to different duties around Weiss.1,009
Good! My Arm said you needed camel dung to grow goutweed. But goat dung is similar enough - I will make my trolls build farming patches from goat dung instead.1,005
Trolls of Weiss, I am Snowflake, daughter of Mother, my father. Mother is dead, and I claim the throne.1,004
I, Snowflake, give myself to My Arm. I take My Arm as my support and comforter. I will hold My Arm by my side for life.1,003
That is right, %USERNAME%. You can mine the salts in the cave below, next to the prison.1,002
That hole leads down to the sea. But it's far too narrow for a troll to get through.903
%USERNAME%, we owe you so much, and we will thank you - but we still need one small favour first.872
I have searched through Odd Mushroom's possessions. Sadly much of his research has been lost. I have copied what I could find into a book for you.852
I am sorry too. Father was flawed, but he did much for our people, and he should have retired with honour long ago.818
Old Man, do your magic and open that door!805
Then the throne of Weiss is mine. I also call you to witness our marriage. %USERNAME%, please step forward.791
When we have finished here, I would like you to try the Fire of Nourishment. Although Boulder made two herb patches as we told him, crops will not grow without such a fire to strengthen them.791
My Arm is my friend forever. I will share the sorrows of life with My Arm, and I will share the joys of love with My Arm.790
Old Man, %USERNAME%, thank you both for your help.761
Father killed Odd Mushroom. Odd Mushroom was like a father to me. Mother must pay the price. Also I think he really will kill us all.745
He would have wanted you to have it - some of his inventions are not useful here, but you are a traveller and may find places to use them.736
We now perform the ancient dance of love...711
Does any troll here challenge me?707
Now, let us thank you for bringing us together, for saving our lives and for marrying us...706
Very well. You will always be welcome here. Now, that is enough of the past. I feel the future beginning in Weiss... Let us summon my tribe.702
I am here. Father did not hurt me much. Can you stand, Odd Mushroom?657
I know what I must do. With My Arm at my side, I will avenge you. You were always more of a father to me than Mother ever could be.625
Stop it, Father! You cannot tell me how to think, or how to live, or how to love. And I will be with My Arm.607
I think it will be useful to us. You will see why soon enough.586
Please ask him, %USERNAME%! For me and My Arm!402
Hello, visitor. I am Snowflake.386
Hello Father.365
Your arm is pleased to see me?326
You know the mortal enemy of our people! What did you do in the fishing colony with him?322
You are not boring - I like how My Arm talks. My father is Mother. He named me after a snowflake.321
I would like to spend more time with My Arm, yes.311
Sorry, Father.296
Very well. That Wise Young Man killed many of our people, and I am glad that you are different from him.263
Thank you for getting our herb patches to work. Now Boulder can grow goutweed for my people, and they are very happy.255
How can we get Father to respect My Arm? He likes Don't Know What because Don't Know What is strong, but My Arm is... different.194
Hello again, %USERNAME%. Have you built the Fire of Nourishment by the new farming patches yet?187
The choice should be from my heart, not from anyone else - though I like this plan very much!178
I wish My Arm did not have to leave.176
My father, Mother, did not like me talking to My Arm. Whoever marries me will rule Weiss after Father retires or dies, and Father wishes that to be Don't Know What, the biggest sentry.138
My Arm is not as big as Don't Know What, and I think he is less strong too. Father would not approve of him as a suitor for me.119
He is different from other man-trolls. I know already that I want My Arm by my side.119
Father is... horrible to me.115
You should find some in the goat pen outside. Meanwhile I need to assign some of my trolls to different duties around Weiss.91
Very well. That Wise Young Man killed many of our people, and I am disappointed that you worked with him, but I shall overlook it for My Arm.65
I would prefer you not to kill Father. He is cruel, but he is my blood.60
He is dumb, but he is big. I think this would not work.60
I do not think that would be wise, dear.57
Let us try this again. Old Man, do your magic and open that door!48
Let's not get ahead of ourselves, dear! But the town is thriving; my people are much happier now they are no longer terrified of Father.46
Have you asked the Wise Old Man to help us? We only need him to pretend to be dead, so My Arm can claim credit for killing him, and impress Father.45
You aren't carrying any basalt.43
Very well, I have another for you.12
Yes, I have another copy for you.8
You will always be welcome back.7
He is different from other man-trolls. I hope I will get to know My Arm better.7
You are the human who came with My Arm. What do you want?6
No thank you, %USERNAME%.5
Please hurry, %USERNAME%! For me and My Arm!5
Um... thank you for the offer, but...2