To the arena!8,385
Fancy another fight? The combat practice is good for me. I'll give you some more of my armour if you win.5,741
Hello. Do you fancy a fight? It's just a bit of fun, so I can practice melee combat. I'll give you a piece of my armour if you win.1,626
Yes, I'm not interested in fancy magicks. We leave that namby-pamby stuff to the Arceuus weirdos. And no ranging either. We'll fight just with melee.1,576
Don't you already have a set of my armour?1,531
Remember, if you lose, you'll probably drop some items, and you probably won't get them back again. Just run away if you want to stop the fight.1,311
Don't expect me to deal with the likes of you.101
I'll be here if you ever change your mind.42
In that case you probably shouldn't be hanging around an army camp.11
Let me know if you change your mind. The combat practice is good for me.8
Let me know if you change your mind. I need combat practice if I'm ever going to level up.3
If you're planning on fighting me for a set of my armour, I'm afraid I'm not interested. The combat XP from fighting you isn't worthwhile. Get a Defence level of 20 first.2
Focus on your fight!1